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Advertise your business in Sofia's travel map

Interactive travel map of Sofia – innovative opportunity for business advertising

As a result of the successful collaboration between Audio Guide Bulgaria and Sofia Municipality in February 2021 was created a new tourist product - a synergy between entrepreneurship and innovation. This innovative product is an interactive travel map of Sofia that can be used together with free-of charge mobile travel application. You can take part of Sofia’s map by displaying your ads on the mobile application for tourist attractions.

What is an interactive travel map of Sofia?

This is a physical map of the capital city, which marks popular tourist sites: museums, historical monuments, cultural sites, hotels, restaurants, shops, massage and spa centers, activities and playgrounds for kids, sports parks and clubs, and tourist information centers.
Each attraction on the interactive travel map has a number. In order to get access to the information about this particular attraction you need to open Audio Guide Bulgaria mobile application and use this number.

Where can you find the interactive travel map of Sofia?

The interactive travel map of Sofia is available in all tourist information centers in Sofia, as well as in some hotel chains in the city.
On each map there is an image of the QR code of our free of charge Audio Guide Bulgaria mobile application which the users can install and use even when they do not have the paper interactive map of Sofia with them.

How does the interactive travel map of Sofia work?

When a user is interested in a particular hotel, museum, restaurant or another attraction, he/she needs to put the number of the attraction which is on the map in the mobile application to get the entire information available about this attraction. So the tourist can benefit from the following:
• read a short description of the chosen place or attraction
• see photos and videos of the place
• see the opening hours
• find out about the prices and fees
• benefit from the “Navigate me” function that will show the shortcut from his/her start point to the desired destination

Why to advertise via the interactive travel map of Sofia?

Paper travel maps are still a preferred way of guiding big groups of tourists and when your business is marked on a paper travel map you can easily come into contact with potential clients. However, the interactive travel map offers a lot more:

• When your business is marked on the interactive travel map of Sofia you contribute to creating the image of Sofia city. By presenting and advertising quality products and services you will contribute to the image of the city of Sofia as an attractive tourist destination that will appeal to more and more local and foreign tourist.
• By using the paper travel map along with the mobile application, the tourists not only see the tourist attractions but also see the information about your business. You can provide information such as: location, website, contact details, services, photo galleries, videos and a link to videos on YouTube, opening hours and method of payment, as well as navigation to your location to help your clients find you in the easiest and fastest way.
• You will appear on the travel guide free of charge and then benefit from the fact that all the information about your business will be available on the tourists’ mobile phones any time when they need it. They will know how to find you not only the first time when they visit the capital city but also when they come on their next visit to Sofia.
• Once you appear on our free of charge mobile travel application the information that you provide about your business will be accessible for every user no matter whether he/she is in Sofia or somewhere else. Via the mobile application the tourists can learn about your company and services before they visit the capital and later when they come on a business trip or an excursion, they will look for you and get in touch with you.
• By advertising on our interactive map and mobile application you enable all your satisfied clients to return to you and stay loyal to you. They will remember how to find you and how to connect with you since all the free of charge information about your services and products will be there on their mobile phones.

Learn more about our mobile travel application HERE.

Who can advertise in te travel map of Sofia?

Since the interactive travel map of Sofia was designed to help tourists find tourist sites and attractions, most of the advertisements on the map are related to tourist objects and places of interest, such as:
- shops, shopping centers and malls, markets and open markets
- sports, cosmetic, beauty and spa centers
- hotels
- restaurants and bars
- souvenir shops
- activities and playgrounds for kids
- sports parks and clubs and hobbies