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Lockers Sofia is so much more than just luggage storage.
We see ourselves as a Tourist Service Point.
Come meet us at Lockers Sofia and find out for yourself.

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Contacts and addresses of offices

Every traveler in Bulgaria wants to visit the most interesting places and take away the most vivid impressions. Your collection of memories will be complete if you visit the sights of Bulgaria in the company of an Audio Guide.

There are two ways to listen to the audio guide:

  • By renting a personal device with headphones for the whole day (for groups)
  • By connecting to our website, in which case you must have access to the Internet and your own headphones.

Phone: +359 888 975 886

e-mail: manager@audio-guide.bg


Address: 1, "Ivan Vazov", Str. ( Ivan Vazov National Theater)

Phone: +359 888 975 886

Work time: only online

All excursions are available online! You can choose the option - listen to the audio tour on your phone, in this case you need mobile Internet.


Address: 1, Rayko Daskalov str.

Phone: +359 888 975 886

Work time: (Only online)

At the moment, the service is available - "Online listening to the audio guide on our website".

The audio guide rental service is temporarily unavailable.


Address: South Port, Angelo Ronkali St.,

Phone: +359 888 975 886

Work time: (Only online)


In front of the Fortification wall at a pre-selected time. – (Fortification wall is the starting point of the day tour itinerary).

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"AUDIOGUIDE BULGARIA" Ltd., UIC 204808481, VAT BG204808481, with its headquarters and address - Sofia 1407, 28 Korab Planina Str., office 12, represented by the manager Mihail Lyudmilov Peshev.