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Are you planning a trip to Bulgaria? Are you looking for a reliable partner with whom to discover the history of our country and enjoy your trip? Our audio devices will turn your event, excursion and your preferred itinerary into a memorable experience and will take you on an exciting journey to Bulgarian history.

Contact us to take advantage of the most convenient, modern and pleasant way of going on a trip to Bulgaria:

Office (Central) Sofia

Address: Ivan Vazov Str., 2

Phones: +359 890 210 113

e-mail: manager@audio-guide.bg


Address: 2, Ivan Vazov Str.

Phone: +359 890 210 113

Work time: Еvery day from 9:30 to 18:00


Address: 1, Rayko Daskalov str.

Phone: +359 890 210 113

Work time: Еvery day from 09:00 to 18:00


Address: South Port, Angelo Ronkali St., in restaurant Flagman-Panorama (on Google Maps it's Greek Restaurant)

Phone: +359 890 210 113

Work time: Еvery day from 09:30 to 21:00


Address: st. “Father Paisiy”, house 21 (near the Spiritual Center of P. Khilendarsky)

Phone: +359 890 210 113

Work time: 09:00

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"AUDIOGUIDE BULGARIA" Ltd., UIC 204808481, VAT BG204808481, with its headquarters and address - Sofia 1407, 28 Korab Planina Str., office 12, represented by the manager Mihail Lyudmilov Peshev.