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Audio Guide Bulgaria - Mobile Travel Application

Audio Guide Bulgaria mobile travel application was created as the first free of charge travel guide and audio tour guide for walking tours of the most popular cities in Bulgaria, featuring the major attractions and sights.

This is a multilingual mobile personal tour guide designed particularly for individual tourists and/or small groups and groups of friends. It is quite easy to use because anytime when you need it the app will be available on your mobile phone.

Audio Guide Bulgaria mobile travel application offers a free of charge travel guide to help you discover all the best things to do in the city or town you are interested in – museums, attractions, shops and restaurants. You can choose from our ready-made tours, created by us to guide you through your tour and help you visit the most popular places, enjoy the storytelling and find out about interesting facts.

And what makes it most attractive and convenient is that you can travel and discover our country on your own without the need to stick to pre-planned schedules. You can choose your pace, time for rest, places to visit and the language in which the storyteller talks to you.

Functions of Audio Guide Bulgaria mobile tour guide

By choosing this application the tours that we offer in Bulgaria are easy to follow and you have the opportunity to accomplish your travel goal in a pleasant and comfortable way.

Here are the benefits:

• Free of charge city travel guide
You can count on a convenient free of charge travel guide that gives you destination information about the most visited cities along with all the attractions and museums/working hours and admission fees/, the best restaurants, bars, shops and spa centers.

• Navigation to the place you have chosen
You will easily find all the places included in the list of objects by using the function “Navigate me to the object”. To use this function you will need Internet access.

• Multilingual user interface
The application is available in three languages – Bulgarian, Russian and English. This feature will make your multilingual friends feel at ease and get the best out of their walking tour.

• Tourist audio guide
After you download a tour on your mobile phone, the audio including the pre-planned itineraries along with the storytelling will be available.

• Interactive city map

This app can be used along with specially designed interactive city maps of the most visited tourist cities in Bulgaria. The maps show the most popular landmarks– historic sites, cultural and geographic attractions, museums and galleries, restaurants and hotels, shops, children playgrounds, sports and hobbies.

Sofia city interactive travle map

Our mobile travel application is your assistant – a convenient and practical application that allows you to go on independent city tours and enjoy it while learning about the history and culture and discover the beauty of Bulgaria.

Available tours in several languages

All of our audio tours are available in several languages:

• Tours to Sofia, Rila Monastery and Boyana Church, provided in several languages: Bulgarian, Russian, English, Spanish Italian, German and French
• Tours to Plovdiv, provided in several languages: Bulgarian, Russian, English, Spanish Italian, German and French, Greek and Turkish
• Tours to Nessebar, provided in several languages: Bulgarian, Russian, English, German and Polish

Prices for the excursions start from 2.5 euros up to 10 euros.

Advantages of audio guided tours with our mobile application

Audio Guide Bulgaria is a mobile travel application that will make your walking tours a lot easier and pleasant and your expectations fulfilled.

• Why should you waste time searching for information about your desired destination and city – on your mobile phone you can have all the necessary information provided by professional tour guides, as well as a ready-made itinerary that is easy to follow and change, depending on your travel preferences.
• You can benefit from our ready-made audio guided excursions with different time frames. They are suitable for both tourists with limited time and those who never hesitate to take their time to enjoy all the interesting attractions.
• You can organize your excursion as you prefer – embark on a trip on your own or with friends, at your own pace, at your own choice of attractions to visit. You can have a rest and a cup of coffee anytime you wish, have a talk with someone or just enjoy the moment while travelling and later continue your trip according your itinerary and reach your destination.
• You can benefit from the interactive map that navigates you from one place to another. You can get it by email after you register and provide your email address.
• You can listen to stories developed by professionals, that contain not only historical data but also interesting facts and legends about the sites and artefacts that you want to see.
• You can listen to creative storytelling inside the museums and temples that you intend to visit.
• Pleasant background music relevant to the atmosphere of the particular place is added to all the stories and makes your experience more exciting and memorable.
• You can choose in what language you want to listen to a story and so do your friends.
• You can have all the instructions how to use the audio guides so that you can fully enjoy your walking tours in our beautiful country Bulgaria.

How to purchase an audio guided tour

• Download Audio Guide Bulgaria mobile travel application by choosing a version appropriate for your mobile phone.
• Choose the city you wish to visit and a suitable date for your tour. You will have 72-hour access to the audio recordings starting from the date you choose to begin your tour.
• Choose the language in which you wish to hear the audio recording of the excursion.
• Choose the type of a payment card in the application - Visa, Master, Mаestro or American Express in order to make the payment.


• Audio guided excursion to Sofia
Excursion for those with limited time frame: about 1h 30 min – BGN 10.00/EUR 5.00
Excursion for those with unlimited time frame: about 3h 00 min – BGN 20.00/EUR 10.00

• Audio guided excursion to Plovdiv
Excursion for those with limited time frame: about 1h 30 min – BGN 10.00/EUR 5.00
Excursion for those with unlimited time frame: about 3h 00 min – BGN 20.00/EUR 10.00

• Audio guided excursion to Rila Monastery and Boyana Church
Boyana Church /8 min-visit according the regulations applied by the temple/: BGN 5.00/EUR 2.50
Rila Monastery: BGN10.00/EUR 5.00
Rila Monastery and Boyana Church: BGN14.00/EUR 7.00

• Audio guided excursion to the ancient Nessebar
Nessebar – 15 attractions – about 2 hours - BGN 15.00/EUR 7.50