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Audio tours with mobile app

Application Audio Guide Bulgaria

It offers walking audio excursions in Sofia and Plovdiv as well as in cultural and historical sites such as Nessebar, Rila Monastery and Boyana Church which are on the UNESCO list.

This app is specially designed for individual or solo travelers. It’s just like a personal multilingual guide on your phone!

The app will offer you the most famous and interesting audio tours for Bulgaria. You choose your language to listen to, as well as the pace of your movement.

The functions

The app also offers free use of a convenient guide in the main tourist cities in Bulgaria. There you will find specially selected information that will allow you to have a pleasant and wholesome spent time.

In the application you will find a catalogue with sights and museums and their working time and ticket prices. Also, you will get to know the best restaurants, bars, shops, spas in the town.

The feature “Take me to the site” will allow you to quickly and easily navigate yourself in the not so familiar city. This convenient feature however requires an internet connection.

Audio Guide Bulgaria has an interface and language availability in Bulgarian, English and Russian.

All of the excursions from the Audi Guide Bulgaria’s mobile app can be downloaded and listened to without internet access.

Thanks to the modern technologies you will get familiar with the towns of Bulgaria, learn interesting facts and see picturesque sites.

Available excursions

The audio tours are available in the different languages as follows:

  • Sofia, Rila Monastery, Boyana Church - Bulgarian, Russian, English, Italian, Spanish, French and German.
  • Plovdiv – Bulgarian, Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Greek and Turkish.
  • Nessebar – Bulgarian, Russian, English, German and Polish.

Prices for the excursions start from 2.5 euros up to 10 euros (download the application from 01.09.2020).

Advantages of audio tour with the mobile app

  • The whole excursion in the mobile app could be downloaded and listened to without internet access. Audio tracks will be played offline without using any mobile data, roaming or experience a slow internet connection.
  • Our special map will help and navigate you when walking from one place to another.
  • The map will be sent to your e-mail when you book your excursion.
  • During your walking tour, you will see different sights of Bulgaria including cultural and historical monuments either familiar or not so popular ones.
  • Our audio talks are not only dull dates and facts but captive stories and legends about interesting places and events.
  • Audio Guide offers recordings about the insides of museums and temples as well and you can listen to the tour in your native or preferable language.
  • You do not need to adapt to the group or listen to the guide. You are the one who chose the walking speed and the pace of your movement.
  • Playing a special music will emphasize the atmosphere of the place and create a mood for exploration.

We promise you will be delighted and fascinated with our audio walking tours!

How to buy a trip

  • Download the application.
  • Choose a town and a preferable date of your excursion. You have 72 hours of access the audio recordings from the moment of your first playing.
  • Choose the preferable language for the tour.
  • Payment for the excursion in the application is made by card – VISA, MASTER, MAESTRO, AMERICAN EXPRESS.


We have created audio tours for different needs. They are convenient both for limited time tourists and for those who want to explore more things and see all the interesting sites.

You will have the opportunity to stop and rest at any time you want, grab a coffee, talk with friends and then continue with your walk undisturbed.

  • Audio tours Sofia

Type: “For limited time” – about 1.5 hours – 10 leva / 5 euros
Type: “Full time excursion” about 3 hours – 20 leva / 10 euros

  • Audio tours Plovdiv

Type: “For limited time” – about 1.5 hours – 10 leva / 5 euros
Type: “Full time excursion” about 3 hours – 20 leva / 10 euros

  • Audio tours Rila Monastery and Boyana Church

Boyana Church – 8 minutes (according to the rules of the temple) – 5 leva/ 2.5 euros
Rila Monastery – 10 leva / 5 euros
Rila Monastery and Boyana Church – 14 leva / 7 euros

  • Audio tours Old Nessebar

Type: “Nessebar – 15 sights” – about 2 hours – 15 leva / 7.5 euros