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Route Graffiti in Sofia - TOP 15 locations

Graffiti “hunting” tours are popular among the youth around the world. And if you want to see Sofia in a completely new, modern way, this is a great opportunity.

Graffiti is a new street art that creates artistic images with a message, meaning and value. The drawings amaze, make you think or simply please the eyes with wonderful colors and original ideas.

The district with most graffiti in Sofia currently is “KvARTal” – the former Jewish quarter of Sofia with old buildings, neat cafes and interesting shops, which today is the center of cultural life. Your tour with the guide will bring you here too. And not only.

Guide with Sofia graffiti

10 LEVA / 5 EURO

Price: 10 BGN / 5.00 €
graffiti tour Sofia

Why should you use the guide?

Save time from searching

  • The graffiti are scattered all over Sofia and there is no place where they can be described and systematized. But there’s no need to waste hours or even days searching for the locations and stories of quality graffiti. We have done it for you.

You will have the opportunity to make amazing photos, which most people do not have

  • The graffiti is truly amazing, but most pedestrians usually walk by them without noticing. But it is precisely in these places that you can take great photos that will impress your friends.

You are a guest of Bulgaria and Sofia

  • The guide is translated into several languages, so you can get a tour and information about Sofia and graffiti in a language that is convenient for you.

You like to travel alone to interesting places

  • You won’t need a tour guided in order to see Sofia’s graffiti. It is enough to have a GRAFFITI guide that will lead u and give you information about each object.

What can you find in the guide?

  • A ready route with exact locations in a pdf file so you can do the tour at your own pace.
  • Location and information about graffiti by popular masters such as Nash and Bosoletti, as well as works from festivals such as Sofia Graphiti Battle, Graff Express, KvARTal fest, etc.
  • Secret streets in the art district KvARTal and buildings with impressive architecture.
  • Useful tips and links for your walk around Sofia.
  • Places for unique photos.


history of graffiti

Graffiti culture is a phenomenon that began in the 1970s in the slums of big cities in the USA. Over time, street art has become a feature of more major cities around the world. Sofia is no exception to this.

One after the other, the old houses and the panel residential buildings become picturesque canvases that impress with interesting plots and masterful execution. These are not standard graffiti in Sofia, representing inscriptions and incomprehensible scribbles, but really beautiful, impactful works. They create a completely new aesthetic of the city and slowly turn Sofia into a more pleasant place to live.

The graffiti boom made the English word “mural” (fresco, French) popular. The word is a loanword from the French word muraille – «wall». In the language of street art, a «mural» means a large-scale drawing on a wall. These drawings usually decorate the facades of public buildings, boring places like the subway, public transport stops, tunnels and other public places.

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