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Tourist guide equipment for group excursions

Headsets for tour guide equipment and simultaneous interpretation for rent

The tour guide rental headset system is suitable for any event where a single speaker needs to be heard by a large number of listeners. It is a wireless audio system that is extremely convenient for use by guides and translators when conducting tourist tours, conferences, seminars. Both the speaker and the listeners will have their own radio device to transmit or receive a signal with headphones, which will guarantee maximum freedom of movement.

What is included in the tour guidesolutions

  • Easy-to-use radio transmitter with professional tour guide/speaker/interpreter microphone headset.
  • A personal radio receiver with an earpiece for each listener with the ability to control the volume.
  • A case that provides simultaneous charging and disinfection, which guarantees always hygienic headsets and radios.

Characteristic swireless lavalier microphone system

  • Range: 300 meters. Thus, the field trippers can explore the site independently for observations or photographs while continuing to listen to the lecture.
  • Stable signal frequency. The connection between radio transmitter and radio receivers remains good even when the signal passes through walls.
  • 40 hours of device operation on a single charge. This means you can go on a 5-6 day trip without needing to recharge.
  • Preset equipment.
  • Comfortable personal mono headphones for field trips to the radio, which allows listeners to hear both the guide/speaker/interpreter and surrounding noises. Thus, they provide higher safety during tourist tours

Wireless tour guide system

The headset system for tour guide equipment can also be used as a wireless simultaneous translation system. In this case, you will receive a digital Tour Guide simultaneous translation system for tourist tours and conferences, which includes two radio transmitters with microphones and two types of radio receivers that are tuned to operate at different frequencies.

How you can rent tour guide headsets or simultaneous interpretation headsets for rent

  • You can make a request for headsets for tour guide equipment rental on our email. It is enough to describe the exact number of participants, the date of the event and the type of set - with one or two radio transmitters.
  • The equipment is sent by Econt and Speedy courier services to any point in Bulgaria.

Self Guided Tours

Radio Guide Model Many Hours

The receiver could be used for all kinds of meetings and excursions with long duration.

It is highly suitable for a big groups and locations with greater area to cover.