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Tourist guide equipment for group excursions

The radio guides are a wonderful choice for tourist agencies when planning a group excursion. The tourist radio guide is provided with a transmitter and the tourists are given personal receivers. Thus the participants are able to hear the voice of the tourist guide at a distance up to 300 meters and the required safety distance between the participants can be easily achieved.

Radio Guide devices are suitable for travel agenicies, for group excursions, outdoor events, business seminars and teambuilding.

Taking into consideration the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the radio guided excursion is designed to ensure that all the distance and disinfection requirements are strictly followed. The devices are individual which allows the participants to maintain appropriate distance from each other. All the devices and headsets are treated with special equipment for disinfection with ultraviolet light.

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radio guide model many hours

Radio Guide Model Many Hours

The receiver could be used for all kinds of meetings and excursions with long duration. It is highly suitable for a big groups and locations with greater area to cover.