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Velingrad map – Free tourist map in PDF file

If you plan to visit the spa capital of Bulgaria, you will need a tourist map of the city.
The map of Velingrad contains a ready-made walking route of all attractions in the center and surroundings of the city.

Velingrad Tourist Map (Free Download)

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map of velingrad

How to download the map?

To download a free tourist map of Velingrad to your phone, you need to fill out the form. Select the language and fill in the required fields (name, phone, email and country). Click on the "download" button and instantly an email with a card will be sent to your e-mail.

List of tourist sites

Historical Museum Velingrad
Temple of Sveta Troitsa (Holy Trinity)
Syarna bath (hot spring)
Kremychna baths (hot spring)
Fountain on Nikolay Gyaurov Square
Community center Otets Paisii - 1893
Monument to Nikolay Gyaurov
Art Gallery "Tsveta Shumanova"
Ossuary memorial to Vela Peeva
Lighted Christian Cross
Kleptuza Park
Kleptuza Lakes
Radon Baths (hot spring)
Saint Iliya Temple
Rhodopes Narrow Gauge Railway Line
Production of Bulgarian carpets in the village of Kostandovo
Markovi rocks
Sanctuary of the thracian tribe besi, VI-th century BC
The intersection of the 24th meridian with the 42nd parallel
Natural outdoor Jacuzzis with hot mineral water
Church of Sveta Bogoroditsa (Holy Mother of God)
Mineral Beach
Veleva Bath (hot spring)
Mineral water source Mizinka
Statue symbol of Velingrad "Queen of Rhodope"

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