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Sofia sightseeing tours. Sofia Day trip.

Visit Sofia, the heart of Bulgaria, and make it truly unforgettable with our Audio Guide. We've carefully curated a collection of stories, historical insights, and cultural anecdotes from 20 iconic landmarks within Sofia's most vibrant areas. Dive into a detailed Sofia city tour accompanied by our insightful audio-guided walking tours. The Sofia walking tour runs all year and is available in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, German, and Bulgarian. Explore Bulgaria's capital at your own pace, any day you choose.

The guide will meet you and give each guest an audio guide and headphones. Together with your guide, you will move along the route. You explore the sights at your own pace, go inside objects, and take photographs. Walking city tour with an Audio Guide covers Sofia’s more than 20 city landmarks.

When: Every Day @ 11 AM

Meeting point: Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours

Price: 10€ / 20 BGN per person

2.5 h.

Tour languages

group walking tour in sofia

Full description

The guide will meet you near the Ivan Vazov National Theatre and accompany you throughout the entire tour. The guide will distribute audio guide devices and headphones to you. You will listen to the tour in your language. You'll move comfortably, enter churches, and take photos, all allowing you to not stand next to the guide but listen to the tour from a distance.

The guide will raise a sign with the number of the object, and you will enter this number on the audio guide. You'll listen to recordings even inside landmarks - within churches and temples.

The tour will conclude near the Presidency, where you can witness the changing of the presidential guard, which takes place every hour.

Advantages of Tours with Audio Guides: Regular group excursion:
Freedom from external noise, including traffic and crowd chatter Difficulty in hearing due to ambient noise; unable to approach the guide closely
Flexibility to move around without being tethered to the guide Guides tend to stay in one place, limiting the opportunity for exploration
Narration available in the participant's native language Tours conducted in a language other than the participant's native language
Access to audio recordings inside attractions, such as churches and monuments Guides do not provide narration inside the attractions
Ability to replay information if distracted or missed Not all information provided by the guide is audible

Additional information for Sofia walking sightseeing tours

Not accessible to people in wheelchairs
Not accessible to people who have difficulty walking on stairs

The route - Sofia guided tour for groups. What to see in Sofia.

History of the city of Sofia
National Theatre “Ivan Vazov “
National Arts Gallery and Ethnographic museum
The Russian church
Monument of the Liberator
Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Eternal flame. Synod
St. Sofia church
Monument of Tsar Samuil
The East gate
Largo place
St. Petka church
Ancient Serdica Complex 1
Ancient Serdica Complex 2
The mosque
The Mineral Bath
The Mineral Springs
Statue of St.Sofia
St.George Rotonda church
Residence of the president


  • Olga - Estonia

    Великолепная организация! Большое спасибо за экскурсию! Лариса и Михаил очень добрые и отзывчивые люди!

  • Гульнара Алимханова - Болгария

    Сегодня были на аудиэкскурсии по Софии, столько интересного услышала и увидела, хотя живу не первый год в Софии. Кратко и доступно, спасибо организаторам и нашему гиду Ларисе!!! Рекомендую всем!!!

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