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Tourism in Bulgaria: guide and useful tips

Bulgaria is considered to be one of the most attractive countries for tourists. For those who dream of visiting Bulgaria and have already included it in their nearest plans, we have prepared travel guides with the most interesting destinations and also a lot of useful information. The guides contain more than just the most popular tourist routes. They will show you the beauty hidden in inconspicuous places that are unknown even to most locals. The impressive photos of these sights will answer the questions you might have about whether it is worth visiting Bulgaria.

Easily find the best places to take photos

In addition to popular routes around the cities of Bulgaria and cultural and historical landmarks, we offer the most beautiful and picturesque places for incredible photos to the most appreciative travelers:

  • Fragrant lavender fields that bloom in the second half of June.
  • Rose Valleys. To participate in the Festival of the Roses, get a guidebook and come to the Valley of the Roses.
  • Graffiti tour in Bulgaria. Fans of graffiti can take an easy route to walk around Sofia, Plovdiv and other cities in Bulgaria.

Easily find where to eat well, tasty and cheap and what to take with you from Bulgaria

Tourism in Bulgaria is not only a visual delight. Our guides will tell you in detail about which restaurant will organize a feast for your palate, or which café will treat you to a good cup of coffee and a good, cheap breakfast.

The guides will help you with information about what dishes and drinks you must try in order to feel the full range of flavors of Bulgarian cuisine: first off is the famous Bulgarian cheese pie called banitza, which goes verry well with a local drink to Bulgaria – boza, and be sure to try a traditional dish called “sarmi”. And of course, you cannot leave Bulgaria without trying the national delicacy – the famous kapama.

We are sure that you will want to take a piece of Bulgaria with you as a souvenir. Therefore, the guide will tell you about unusual souvenirs from each area – other than the traditional ones that can be bought from any shop.

We have tried to make the travel guides so that they are interesting, favorable and convenient for you to travel around the hospitable and gorgeous Bulgaria.