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Sofia Tour

Sofia Tour

Bulgarian history speaks. It leads us through battles and victories, dates and ages, moments of joy, pride and pity. It tells about the past of an ancient people with an invincible spirit. Immerse yourself with us in this exciting journey in time.

Discover the most interesting historical sites in Sofia!


Plovdiv tour

Get to know old Plovdiv!

Immerse yourself in the whispers of ancient theater Center Trakart, Nebet and many other landmarks.

Every day at any time in your language!


City tour in Sofia or Plovdiv. Our audio guide devices will tell you the story!

Enjoy an individual tour available in 9 languages.

That's not all!
With the Audioguide you receive a map to help you discover the most interesting sights along your route.

Plovdiv tour


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Radio guides

The radio guides for individual and group excursions with a tour guide are designed to transmit and receive the signal by the receivers of the radio systems. The guide speaks in the microphone transmitter and the tourists from the group hear the story in their audio-controlled receivers, tuned to the appropriate frequency mode.The technological devices have coverage up to 600 meters. Our company will help you select the model that will suit you best. You can buy or rent the chosen device for the necessary time.


our locations

Sofia, Plovidiv, Rila Monastery and Nessebar, beautiful ancient cities, re-shaped by modern times!

Don't miss the chance to visit them and learn about the authentic city life.

City walk in Sofia or Plovdiv, we promise you a fascinating historical tale in your language.


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Send your inquiries or question and our team will contact you in the next 48 hours.

audio guide bulgaria

AudioGuide Bulgaria is a young company that has developed content for self-guided city tours with an audio guide. Software for the issuance of devices allows the tourists to receive all the necessary information in their native or desired language.

Know-how allows any tourist to book an excursion on the reception in the hotel where he stays. The application then will be instantly processed and confirmed at AudioGuide Bulgaria office. By reserving the device the tourist is sure that his audio guide is available and an exciting historical walk awaits him. Such a convenient service allows a tourist to be in another country, and not to think about the presence or absence of Internet connection.

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Goetz - Germany

The self guided tour is a good idea, so you can walk around and set your own pace. Extremly important during a showery weather like our sunday with several stops for a beer. In total you have all places of interest in this tour with a detailed ...

Мариана Диманова - България

Благодаря на прекрасния екип на Аудио Гайд България. Изключително професионално отношение и подход към клиента с интересни идеи и оферти. Радвам се, че "Ваканция и СПА Експо" ни даде възможност да се срещнем и обсъдим бъдещи варианти за ...

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