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Personal travel guide for Bulgaria

“Audio Guide Bulgaria” – your personal travel guide for sightseeing tours, day trips and city tours in Bulgaria.

We created “Audio Guide Bulgaria” as one of a kind agency in Bulgaria that you may ever come across. This is an agency where tours, freedom of choice, information and history are brought together in one service.

How it happened

Larisa’s idea

In 2017, we – Larisa Kuznetsova and Michael Peshev visited the city of Nessebar. Larisa, who is from Irkutsk, had heard a lot about this ancient city turned into a city-museum. Unfortunately, there was no tourist guide available. So during our sightseeing walk along the narrow cobbled streets we saw amazing places but we could not hear and learn anything about their history and their authentic charm. Larisa was wondering why it was so hard a visitor to learn and find out more about that picturesque old town and our beautiful country.

Her disappointment gave birth to a great idea - she was inspired to create an audio guide for city tours like the audio guides offered at museums. She wanted this audio guide to tell the visitors about the different places of interest in Bulgaria in different languages and tourists simply to keep the devices in their pockets and when they wished to use them.

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The beginning of Audio Guide Bulgaria

After the great inspiration next months were devoted to research, consideration, team creation, concept development and testing, and a lot of hard work.

We worked in collaboration with great experts - historians, translators, editors, narrators, tourist guides, and programmers. They were just as excited about the idea of combining travelling, free choice of tours and learning more about the history as we were. We also found quality electronic devices to suit our perfectionism in achieving our goal.

This is how we turned Larisa’s idea in reality. In 2018 we were ready to launch our “Audio Guide Bulgaria” – personal guide for sightseeing tours that was now available to everyone for rent and use whenever they wished.

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Our fully developed tourist personal audio guide was devoted to Sofia city – the place where we live. Later we created more audio guides for sightseeing tours of Sofia, Plovdiv, Nessebar and a self-guided tour to the Rila Monastery.

From the very beginning the tourists coming to our office showed a lot of interest in our offers and later when they were returning the audio devices they were eager to express their satisfaction and gratitude. We established good business contacts with tourists and travel agencies from Russia, India and other countries.

Meanwhile, we took part in several tourism exhibitions in Sofia. Fortunately for us, our audio city guide appealed not only to ordinary people but also to tourist agencies, museums and cultural and historic agencies, municipality tourist centers and all of them were willing to work with us.

In order to make sure that we offer only the best services in the best possible way, we became an official representative for the Balkans of an audio and radio equipment manufacturer. Our devices allow you not only to listen to tours in over 7 languages, but also to upload photos and videos, watch video in sign language, make a connection with an induction loop.

Our latest facilitation tool that we have developed recently is the online audio guide. It allows you to use our travel guides directly on your cell phones.


Since the very beginning of our activities we established a partnership with Plovdiv Municipality- at the time when this beautiful city was a European capital of culture in 2019. We are happy to be working in collaboration with the Municipal Institute “Old Plovdiv” and we share office space in the Tourist Center in the heart of the city.

In Sofia and Nessebar we managed to create our own info centers that provide tourists with information on the area.

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audio tours

The same year we received one of our greatest acknowledgements - Audio guide Bulgaria was awarded third prize for a new tourist product in the Annual Tourism Awards for 2018 in Plovdiv.

Signboards with our name and logo are positioned in many museums and cultural and historical sites throughout Bulgaria such as the National Museum "Earth and People", the Historical and Ethnographic Complex "Radonova House" and the House-Museum "Neofit Rilski" in Bansko, the Small Early Christian Basilica in Plovdiv and many others.

audio guide system


Today we continue working on our new projects. We are creating new tours that are to be included in our audio city guide, we are adding new languages, and we are offering customized recording and development of tourist scenarios for urban tourism, visits to museums or personal itineraries based on client’s choice.

What follows next …

From the very start we have been passionate about our enterprise and each of our new ideas turns into a burning desire! We all love telling others about the beauty of our country and revealing it in an easy and pleasant way. We are considering how to make the e-guides even more functional and convenient to follow, how to create more and more amazing experiences, how to reach everyone who may be interested in our small but divine Bulgaria.

And we want to share all of this with you – we are fascinated by the fact that Audio Guide Bulgaria brings joy to those who like sharing experiences with friends and are in love with travelling and learning about the history.

And we are certain that we won’t stop going further!

See you soon!

Sincere regards
Larisa, Michael and the team at “Audio Guide Bulgaria”