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Rose Valley - Guide and Sites. The Bulgarian rose and rose oil

Get a guide in pdf file, which contains useful information and saves a lot of time for an independent trip to the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria!

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If you want not only to see the beauty of the Bulgarian Rose Valley with your own eyes, but also to inhale the unique aroma of the colorful magnificence, we have prepared a special guide for you. It will help you fully enjoy an unforgettable trip to one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The travel guide with a ready route allows you to start an independent trip from different cities in Bulgaria: Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna, etc.

The Valley of the Roses is a popular tourist destination in Bulgaria, so the transport infrastructure (railways and bus lines) is well developed. The Rose Valley can be reached directly by a tourist bus.

Valley of Roses, Bulgaria: Location Guide

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Price: 10 BGN / € 5.00

What you will find in the guide?

A ready-made route with exact locations in a pdf file that you will receive by email so that you can do the tour independently, at your own pace.
By purchasing a guide, you will receive all the necessary and useful information for independent tourism:

  • Accurate geolocation of various fields in the Rose Valley;
  • A list of places where you can buy the most interesting souvenirs made from rose oil (along with prices);
  • Useful tips and advices for visiting certain places.

The ready-made travel guide saves a lot of time, since there is no need to search for information on the Internet.

Where is the valley of the roses in Bulgaria

The Valley of Roses is almost in the very center of Bulgaria. The extensive fields start from the foot of Stara Planina and reach Sredna Gora. They are located at an altitude of more than 300m and cannot be observed as a whole, as they continue for tens of kilometers in the distance.

From a very small Bulgarian village, Kazanlak has become the most fragrant region of the country, which is currently also the largest supplier of rose essence in the world. The rose from Kazanlak, from which the best rose oil in the world is produced, got its name from this region. The rose petals are processed here on site, because the flowers do not tolerate long-distance transportation well. The general territory of the Rose Valley today includes fields in Karlovo, Strelcha, Pavel Banya, Nova Zagora.


What you will remember about the excursion to the valley of the roses

We recommend visiting the Rose Valley between May 20th and June 20th, when the rose begins to bloom. It is at this time in Bulgaria that the colorful flowers are picked and rose oil is produced, and the surroundings of Kazanlak are immersed in incredible colors and aromas. The Rose Valley is remembered by travelers for a lifetime because:

  • During the rose harvest, the traditional annual Rose Festival takes place, during which a beautiful girl is chosen as the Queen of Roses. This colorful flower festival includes many events and master classes of national creativity.
  • Rosebuds for production are picked with dewdrops, so the usual harvest work is done from 4:00 am to 10:00 am. Especially for tourist who want to personally participate in this process, a traditional national flower-picking ritual has been developed, which takes place only on the weekends.
  • After you pick roses, you can visit a local factory and watch the rose oil production process.
  • During the Rose Festival there are fairs and photo exhibitions.
  • Performances of folklore groups and a festive carnival create a bright atmosphere recreating national traditions.
  • Guests are always welcome at the Rose Museum at the Rose and Aromatic Research Institute in Kazanlak. Here you can familiarize yourself with all the tools (and there are many) that are used in picking roses and making rose oil.
  • In the city of Pavel Banya, you can visit SPA centers, mineral baths and spas.
  • In the Valley of Roses, you can always buy perfumes, toilet rose water, creams, oils and other perfumery and cosmetic products with the addition of original rose oil.

If you want a unique experience that you will remember for a lifetime, visit the Valley of the Roses during the rose picking season. You will also be able to enjoy beautiful mountain waterfalls, parks and lakes, you will inhale the incredible aroma of the fabulous Bulgarian roses, and the ready-made Rose Valley guide will help you experience only pleasant emotions.

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