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Day tour in Nessebar - sightseeing day trip.What to see in Old Nessebar for a day.

The Old town of Nessebar is an inspiring open air city museum with a unique charm of authentic old houses and historical objects, telling us about history and Christian art. Each museum in the city has its specific character and contains exhibits from different historical periods. Nessebar is the only city in Bulgaria that is on the list of UNESCO world cultural sites. Walking around the Old town makes you feel as if you were part of its history!
We invite you to take a walk on the ancient streets and enjoy your audio walking tour of the old town Nessebar. It will give you unforgettable moments and photos that will take you back to these special moments.

The audio guide that we offer you is a special device with recorded interesting storytelling about the historical sites in the city. You need to hire your audio guide and headphones and you are ready to explore the Old town and enjoy your tour. You can stop for a rest whenever you want to have a drink on a terrace and enjoy the beautiful sea view, or just to have a talk with your friends. Then your audio guide will take you to your next place of interest along your walking tour.

The price is 25 leva / 13 euro

The audio tour is also available to be listened to on your phone.

2 h.

Tour languages

Nessebar Old Town Sightseeing Walking Tour

Advantages of the audio guide your

  • An easy to follow itinerary with a starting point at the entrance of the Old Town.
  • Audio storytelling about the interesting places and most important events, including churches and temples.
  • An option for watching on the audio guide device archive videos from archeological excavations in the Old town.
  • The route includes 15 sights in the old town.
  • Our talks are not boring dates and facts, but real stories and legends.
  • A choice to hear the storytelling in your native language or the one you have chosen.
  • You do not need to follow a group or listen to the explanations of a tourist guide. You set up your pace and decide who is going to join you on your trip.

With every step you make while exploring the Old town, the small peninsula will uncover its secrets to you and tell you about its history.


The Old town Nessebar is located on a peninsula with a length of 850 meters and a width of 300 meters. You can visit several Christian churches dating back from the period from 4th-5th centuries to the end of the 19th century.

So your walking tour will be like walking through history during several different eras.

Our especially designed itinerary was created based on our experience and in search of interesting information and inspiring stories, so we have included legends, little known facts and folk tales.
One of the legends that you are going to listen to is the one about the Miracle tree. On the remnants of that tree is now situated the Church of the Assumption. In the center of the temple, covered with a rug, are kept the remnants of a famous tree that is thought to have a healing power and able to cure infertility.

Another interesting fact is the Nessebar vampire, found by archeologists in 2013. The audio guide will also tell you where you can see the ancient Roman temple of the god Apollo. You will enjoy listening to all these fascinating stories and facts about the ancient town Nessebar.

Along your walking tour of the Old town we will help you discover the secrets of 15 tourist attractions. On a specially designed map we have marked with beautiful photos all the sites of interest.
The walking tour of the Old town ends with a visit to a famous winery, where you can enjoy their hospitality and cozy atmosphere and try the best Bulgarian wines offered.
The tranquility of the sea and the cozy old houses in the Old town can be seen on the paintings of many prominent artists.

How to buy a tour

You get an Audio Guide - a special device with informative recordings, earphones and a map of the Old Nessebar. You press numbers on the device which are corresponding with the map and this way you listen to the information. You rent the device for the whole day.

You get the rented device from our office


  • Adults: 25 leva / 13 euro per person
  • Family ( 2 adults + up to 3 children ) – 55 leva / 28 euro

We deliver audio guide only after booking and payment through our site.

You can pay via our website by card - Visa, Master, Mаestro, Cirrius, American Express.

By selecting the date of your day trip in the calendar and book an audio guide device.


In front of the Fortification wall at a pre-selected time. – (Fortification wall is the starting point of the day tour itinerary).

Contact info: email: manager@audio-guide.bg
Tel: +359 888 975 886


  • You will be given a map, on which your itinerary in the Old town Nessebar and places of interest will be marked, and places where you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and take pictures to capture the best moments of your walking tour.
  • The audio walking tour lasts about two hours. You can set your own pace to get the most out of it.
  • Audio Guide Bulgaria offers itineraries and storytelling in five languages: Russian, German, Bulgarian, English and Polish.

Audio Guide Bulgaria - your tour guide in Bulgaria! Take advantage of this wonderful audio walking tour of the Old town Nessebar and discover the mystery of its past. We truly believe it will be worth your time.

See what our clients say about it.

The route

About Old Nessebar
The Windmill
Fortification Wall
Church-Museum “St.Stephen”
Church of St John Aliturgetos
Nessebar old houses
Church of Christ Pantocrator
Nessebar Today
The hidden altar
Basilica St. Sofia
Basilica of the Holy Mother of God Eleusa
Early Byzantine terms
Church Museum “St John The Baptist” and “St Spas”
Nessebar`s Vampire
Winery. Wine tasting

listen to a fragment of the recording

ENG The Nessebar Vampire (fragment):

ENG The Nessebar Vampire (fragment)

BG Несебърския вампир (fragment):

BG Несебърския вампир (fragment)

DE Der Vampir von Nessebar (fragment):

DE Der Vampir von Nessebar (fragment)

POL Wampir Neseberu (fragment):

POL Wampir Neseberu (fragment)

RUS Несебрский вампир (fragment):

RUS Несебрский вампир (fragment)

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