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Tour in the ancient city of Nessebar and a visit to the Winery

The most convenient way to get to know the sights of the city is to have a personal voice guide at your disposal. The audio guide of Old Nessebar in Bulgaria is a recorded tour guide talk during which you will discover ancient legends, secrets and amazing facts about this ancient city.

Many tourists like to wander peacefully alone in the old cobblestones of this beautiful city.

There are two ways to listen to the audio guide:

  • You can listen to the recordings on your own phone through our site. This requires you to have access to the internet and a headset.
  • You can also rent a personal device with headphones for the whole day. This service is available from 15 June to 15 September

2 h.

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Nessebar Old Town Sightseeing Walking Tour

Audio guide tour in Nessebar

Bulgaria is a country with a wonderful climate, so you can do tour with an audio guide around Nessebar all year round, choosing the season that most suits you.

While touring with a personal audio guide, there is no need to rush: You will have the whole day at your disposal, so you can make the planned two-hour tour as long as you like, at your own pace and preferences. From the 15 sites planned for visit, you can choose only those that interest you the most:

  • Find the objective you want on the map that you will receive with the audio guide
  • Approach it and dial its number on the audio guide
  • Turn on the playback and listen to the talk of a professional tour guide.

listen to a fragment of the recording

ENG The Nessebar Vampire (fragment):

ENG The Nessebar Vampire (fragment)

BG Несебърския вампир (fragment):

BG Несебърския вампир (fragment)

DE Der Vampir von Nessebar (fragment):

DE Der Vampir von Nessebar (fragment)

POL Wampir Neseberu (fragment):

POL Wampir Neseberu (fragment)

RUS Несебрский вампир (fragment):

RUS Несебрский вампир (fragment)

Price and conditions for buying an audio guide online (listen on the site)

You can listen to the tour on our website. To do this, you will need mobile internet and headphones for your phone.

  • Price 25 leva / 13 €

Select the date of the tour from the calendar. After payment, a link with access to audio files and a route map will be sent to your email.

On the day you choose, the link will become active and will be valid for 24 hours.

For an additional fee, you can extend access to the link up to 72 hours.

Price and conditions for renting an audio guide

An audio guide, headphones and a map are available for rent for the whole day.

To do this, you need to select the date of the excursion in the calendar and pay.


  • Adults: 25 leva / 13 euro per person
  • Family ( 2 adults + up to 3 children ) – 55 leva / 28 euro


  • In front of the Fortification wall at a pre-selected time – (The fortification wall is the starting point of the day tour itinerary).


  • At the end of the tour, the audio guide must be left at the last point of the route - "Winery".

What sites are included in the Nessebar tour

Archeological findings show that on the site of the “Saint Sophia” Basilica in Nessebar, there was an ancient Roman temple of the god of Apollo. Part of his statue can be seen in the Archeological Museum in Nessebar. In addition to this majestic monument from antiquity, during an audio-guided tour of Nessebar you can see in detail:

  • “Holy Assumption” Church
  • “St. John the Baptist” and “St. Spas” Churches
  • The “St. Stephan” Church Museum
  • The “Christ Pantokrator” Church
  • A hidden Altar
  • A windmill
  • Late antique baths
  • Fortress gates and other sites.

The tour ends with a visit to the winery, where you will be treated to the best wines and you can try their great taste yourself.

The audio guide will reveal many amazing secrets to you, and its easy management allows you to listen to the information that intrigued you again. Come to Old Nessebar and don’t forget to put on comfortable shoes so you can go to all the places worth visiting.

Some facts about Nessebar that will surprise you

Many interesting facts about Bulgaria are known around the world – for example, that the Bulgarians nod their head when they say “no” and turn it left and right for agreement. But there are some that will definitely surprise you:

  • On a small island measuring only 850 x 300 meters (such as the city of Nessebar) there are 40 Churches
  • Almost all empires and European civilizations have left their mark on the lands of Bulgaria. In terms of the number of immovable monuments of culture (including those in the ancient city of Nessebar), Bulgaria is among the top three European countries, along with Greece and Italy.
  • The unique sights of Nessebar became the reason for its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition to it, 9 other sites in Bulgaria have been awarded with such an honor (among them are the Rila Monastery, the Madara Horseman, the Ivanovo Rock Churches, the Boyana Church, two tombs and 3 natural landmarks).
  • In 2013, Bulgaria caused a wave of worldwide interest because of the archeological excavations in Old Nessebar. The skeleton that was found was that of an old man who has been called “the Nessebar Vampire” – he was killed with a knife to the heart in the same way as several other skeletons found earlier. In the Middle Ages, “vampires” were killed and buried this way – they were people who were undesirable to society.

Optionally, the recording is valid from 24 to 72 hours from the start date.

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Frequently asked questions – F.A.Q.

How is the tour of Old Nessebar with an audio guide?

Tour of Nessebar with an audio guide is a tour with a ready-made audio route and a visit to a winery with wine tasting. You will move on your own, follow your own pace. You can distract yourself at any time, drink coffee, buy souvenirs, take photos, and continue your walk again.

Throughout your excursion you will follow the route map, where and how to go. And when you arrive, just turn on our audio guide.

What audio guide options do you offer?

For your convenience, we offer two tour options with an audio guide.

First - you get an audio guide device, headphones and a route map for the whole day. This option is convenient for those guests of Bulgaria who will be without the Internet.

The second way is to listen to audio recordings on our website. To do this, you must have mobile Internet. After paying for the tour, a link with access to audio files will be sent to your email.

On the day of the excursion you have chosen, the link will become active and will be valid for 24 hours.

Is the tour suitable for children?

Yes, the tour is suitable for children from 7 years old. They are happy to go with an audio guide, manage the content on their own and listen to the recordings with interest.

Is the tour accessible to people with disabilities?

Unfortunately, the old town is covered with stones and paving stones. Therefore, wheelchair mobility will be very difficult.

You can see just a few objects to which there is an accessible road infrastructure.

Can I get lost or get off track?

No, you won't get lost. It will be very easy for you to navigate the route map that you receive with the audio guide.

Is it easy to operate the audio guide?

It is very easy to manage the device. You will only need to dial the number of the object and turn on "play".

Do I need internet for the tour?

If you would like to rent an audio guide device, you do not need access to the Internet. If you want to listen to the audio guide on our website through your phone, then you will need an internet connection.

How many objects does the tour include?

The route of the tour of the old city includes 15 objects for viewing, incl. visit to the winery for wine tasting.

Will there be additional costs during the tour?

Almost all the objects that you visit during the tour are available for free. Some ancient churches have now been turned into museums and have an entrance fee. These objects are of historical value as buildings. But you can, if you wish, buy an entrance ticket to view the objects inside.

If we come to Nessebar by car, where should we leave the car?

Tourists are not allowed to enter the old city itself. Only residents of the city with special passes can enter there. There is one large parking lot for tourists' cars, which is located to the left of the entrance to the old Nessebar. We recommend arriving early, as after 18 hours there may be problems with free places.