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Visit Velingrad with an Audio Guide

The most convenient way to get to know the sights of the city is to have a personal voice guide at your disposal. The audio guide of Velingrad is a recorded tour guide talk during which you will discover , secrets and amazing facts about this SPA capital of Bulgaria
Visit Velingrad with an Audio Guide which is available in Bulgarian, English, Russian, and Italian.

You can listen to the audio guide on our website, in which case you must have access to the Internet.

20 BGN / 10 € Audio guide to the sights of the city + audio guide to the Velingrad Historical Museum
2 h.

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Full description

Audio guide tour of Velingrad involves self-guided exploration of the city's history through a walking tour without the accompaniment of a guide. Just imagine that the guide is nearby speaking in a language you understand: you can choose the language from those available.

All landmarks are numbered and marked on the map. Simply approach the object and select its corresponding number on the audio guide. You can start the tour from any convenient point and follow the route as you see fit.

The map provided with the audio guide will always accurately indicate where to go. The pace of the tour depends on your abilities and desires. Have you explored Kleptuza Park? You can enjoy a coffee in the shade. Was the Holy Trinity Temple impressive? You can catch your breath and take a short break.

To visit Velingrad with an Audio Guide, you need to select the date of the tour and the language in the calendar. After payment, you will receive an email with a link to access the audio files and the route map.

The link will become active on the selected day and will be valid for 24 hours.

If you're unsure whether you can see everything in one day, you can extend access to the link for up to 72 hours.


0. The History of Velingrad
1. Velingrad Historical Museum
1.1 FIRST FLOOR Vela Peeva
1.2 SECOND FLOOR Vela Peeva
1.3 Ethnographic exhibition
1.4 Easter decorated eggs
1.5 Great bass - Nicolay Ghiaurov
2. Temple of Sveta Troitsa (Holy Trinity)
3. Syarna Banya
4. Interesting Facts about Velingrad
5. Kremachna Banya
6. Fountain on Nikolay Gyaurov Square
7. "1893 Otets Paisiy" Community Center
8. Monument to Nikolay Gyaurov. Gyaurov's House
9. Tsveta Shumanova Art Gallery
10. Ossuary Memorial to Vela Peeva. Lighted Christian Cross
11. Traditional Food from Velingrad
12. Kleptuza Park. Radon Baths
13. Saint Elijah Temple
14. Rhodopes Narrow Gauge Railway Line
15. Carpet production in the village of Kostandovo

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Optionally, the recording is valid from 24 to 72 hours from the start date.

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