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Sightseeing tours for groups in Bulgaria - Sofia, Plovdiv, Nesseabar

In case you need to organize a group day tour Audio Guide Bulgaria is your quick and easy assistant!
Audio guides are devices equipped with pre-planned itineraries for group excursions and with recordings describing the places of interest included in the itinerary. Each of the participants in the tour receives a device with headphones, and can choose a language to listen to the recordings.

"Audio Guide Bulgaria" gives you the freedom to decide how to organize your tours with an audio guide. You can use your audio guide whenever you wish, in an easy and convenient way and listen to the recordings in several languages .

Can you think of a better idea? Here are the benefits when you use audio guides for group trips:

• You can benefit from a choice of pre-planned day trips and itineraries with recordings created by professional tourist guides.
• You can decide in what order you are going to visit the attractions in the city of Sofia, Plovdiv, Nessebar and other cities, as well as to skip those of the attractions that the group finds not attractive enough.
• You can decide how much time you want to devote to each place of interest and thus you will make satisfied all the members of the group, taking into account their preferences.
• Although the itineraries are optimized in terms of your time frame, you can change the pre-planned activities for the day so that you have enough time for sightseeing, shopping or relaxation and thus make your day trip a more pleasant experience for everyone in the group.
• The recordings embedded in the audio guides are available in several languages and are designed with a video in sign language. Thus, if you have multilingual groups and you will not need to rent additional tourist guides for bus excursions.
• The headsets are individual and easy to use.
• The audio guides are available for rent.
• For group tours you can also use a mobile application for audio guides on each mobile phone of the participants.

Who are the group tours with an audio guide suitable for?

• Travel agencies and tour operators.
• Friends who want to enjoy going on a day tour together (we offer transportation by bus).
• Companies that need to organize a more inspirational team building and avoid unnecessary complications (we offer transportation by bus).
• Multilingual groups - AudioGuide Bulgaria will save you time and money for translators of several tourist guides.

Excursions from Sofia, Plovdiv, Nessebar – take a look at our offers, choose a destination and think of how to create your unforgettable shared experiences and memories.

group walking tour in sofia

A group walking tour in Sofia

12 LEVA / 6 EURO

A Group walking tour in the old Nessebar

A Group walking tour in the old Nessebar

15 LEVA / 8 EURO

walking tour of sofia for students

Walking tour of Sofia for student groups

Are you planning to visit Sofia with your students? "Innovative Lesson in History of Sofia"