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Day trips. Sightseeing tours in Bulgaria - Sofia, Plovdiv, Nessebar

Welcome to Bulgaria!
Are you wondering what destination to choose for your day trip in Bulgaria! We at AudioGuide Bulgaria have designed pre-planned itineraries. These self-guided tours with an audio guide are easy to follow on your own!
Instead of taking part in organized group tours, chasing schedules, visiting places you do not want to visit, you will simply explore a city at your own pace and follow your own rhythm which will allow you to make the most of your visit.
Throughout your individual tour you will be given instructions how to get to your destination. Once you get there, you will simply turn on our audio guide and it will tell you about the beauty and history of the historic sites that you see in front of you.

Here are the amenities of our audio guide for private tours:

• You have a wide selection of pre-planned walking routes, developed and recorded by professional guides.
• Each pre-planned itinerary for private tours is designed as particularly suitable for you and allows you to choose the venues and which ones to visit first.
• You choose the time and the starting and end point of your route.
• You can schedule your activities for the day according to your preferences and have enough time for a cup of coffee; shopping or you can devote more time to go sightseeing. You can turn on your audio guides only when you need them.
• The voice-overs are available in over 10 languages and the audio guides provide a video in sign language. These features make it quite easy for you if you want to have your friends from different cultures at one place and take them to the most beautiful places in Bulgaria.
• You need to rent our audio guides.
• Our audio guides provide options for uploading photos and videos.
• AudioGuide Bulgaria is easily accessible through the application on your mobile phone.

Now you can take a look and choose your day trip to discover the cultural and historical landmarks in Sofia, Plovdiv, Nessebar, or just contact us for more details.

Sofia Walking Tour

An audio guide day trip in Sofia


Individual Walking Sightseeing Tour in Plovdiv

Audio walking tour in the Old town of Plovdiv


Nessebar Old Town Sightseeing Walking Tour

Audio walking tour in the Old town of Nessebar and a visit to the Winery

25 LEVA / 13 EURO

rila monastery

Audio guide for Rila Monastery and 5 museums

10 LEVA / 5 EURO


Listen to the audio guide of Boyana Church

3 LEVA / 1,5 EURO

Old Plovdiv sightseeing walking city tour.

A day trip from Sofia to Plovdiv

70 LEVA / 35 EURO

Rila Monastery and Boyana Church Tour From Sofia

A day trip to Rila Monastery and Boyana Church. Departure from Sofia

70 LEVA / 35 EURO


Frequently asked questions – F.A.Q.

How are excursions in Bulgaria with an audio guide?

Excursions with an audio guide are excursions with a ready-made audio route, where all objects have their own serial number. Approach the object and dial its number on the device.

You will move on your own, follow your own pace. You can distract yourself at any time, drink coffee, take photos or talk with friends, and then return to the route again and continue your walk.

How to get an audio guide?

For your convenience, we offer two tour options with an audio guide. First - you get an audio guide device, headphones and a route map for the whole day. This option is convenient for those guests of Bulgaria who will be without the Internet. The second way is to listen to audio recordings on our website. To do this, you must have mobile Internet. After paying for the tour, a link with access to audio files will be sent to your email. On the day of the excursion you have chosen, the link will become active and will be valid for 24 hours.