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Audio Guide Bulgaria mobile application for tourism provides opportunities for advertising of cultural, tourist and entertainment attractions, as well as shopping centers and retail stores.

Why to advertise within our Audio Guide Bulgaria mobile application?

For more and more people mobile applications are becoming a convenient way to get an easy and fast access to accurate and updated information and to keep in their pockets a helpful assistant to guide them in their search for different areas of interest. The advertising within a mobile application is not only a contemporary marketing tool but also a part of a well-functioning digital marketing strategy.

Here are some of the reasons why you should take the opportunity to advertise your services and products within Audio Guide Bulgaria mobile application:

  • This is the first free of charge travel guide for Bulgaria. Here you can find information about all popular tourist cities- Sofia, Plovdiv, Bansko, Burgas, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Varna, Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Velingrad, Smolyan, Kazanlak, Troyan, Hisarya and many others.
  • In Play Market/App Store our application is the only travel guide for Bulgaria that contains information in three languages: Bulgarian, English and Russian.
  • Everyone who becomes a user of our mobile travel application for Bulgaria has a free of charge access to systematic and detailed information about various tourist sites in a particular city or town. Your advertisements within our mobile application will enable you to reach the tourists in your city and benefit from their curiosity to find out about you and your services.
  • As Audio Guide Bulgaria is distributed free of charge it guarantees that through your advertisements you will reach large audiences that are your target of potential customers and clients.
  • Compared to other types of advertising, promoting your business on Audio Guide Bulgaria mobile application is quite affordable and cost-effective. This is an investment that will soon allow you to reap the benefits.
  • This mobile application for tourism offers you an easy way to provide the users with detailed and accurate information about your business.
  • The information about your business is also available for and accessible to users who are searching for tourist objects in other cities and towns. This function of the application allows you to enlarge the scope of promoting and advertising your services and products. It is extremely useful for chain stores, hotels, restaurants and bars that have their presence in different cities and towns.

Who can advertise within the mobile application

The mobile travel application for Bulgaria provides information about the following types of attractions and tourist objects:

- massage studios, cosmetic studios, spa canters
- hotels, restaurants and bars
- shops, shopping canters, malls and markets
- souvenir shops and wine stores
- activities and playgrounds for kids
- sports parks, clubs and hobbies
- national parks and nature attractions

If your business is related to some of the above mentioned areas of business, contact us and we will tell you about all the opportunities for advertising of tourist objects and attractions within our mobile application.

What information you can provide for your business

Each of the tourist objects is presented on the mobile application with the following features:

- a photo representing your company

- a photo gallery

- a video with a link to YouTube

- a description of the tourist object

- additional information (opening hours, prices)

- "navigate me" option (geolocation and navigation function to guide the user to your location)

How your clients will learn about Audio Guide Bulgaria

Audio Guide Bulgaria team works in collaboration with the municipalities in most of the biggest tourist cities in Bulgaria. We have been given permission to set information boards with QR codes for our mobile application. We are allowed to position them at the entrances of most of the museums, historical monuments and tourist information centers. Thus, we promote not only our mobile application but also your business.

Interactive travel map of Sofia – special opportunity in the capital city

Our joint work with Sofia Municipality gave birth to a quite new tourist product for Bulgaria- an interactive paper map that functions in parallel with our mobile application and creates synergy.

On the map the tourist sites and objects are marked and each one has a number. When the map number is put on the mobile application the information provided about the particular tourist objects appears along with the function “Navigate me” that can guide the clients all the way to their desired destination, right at the entrance of the particular tourist object.

The map is distributed to all information tourist centers in Sofia and is also available in some hotel chains.

Learn more about the interactive map HERE.

Contact us to find out how you can take part in the advertising activities through this innovative product by promoting your products and services.

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