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Walking tour of Old Plovdiv (Bulgaria) with a personal audio guide

Every traveler in Bulgaria wants to visit the most interesting places and take away the most vivid impressions. Your collection of memories will be complete if you visit the sights of Plovdiv, the capital of culture, in the company of an Audio Guide.
For those who are looking for an Audio Guide in Bulgaria, we have collected the best facts, myths and legends of around 25 historical sites in Old Plovdiv.

There are two ways to listen to the Plovdiv audio guide:

  • By renting a personal device with headphones for the whole day
  • By connecting to our website, in which case you must have access to the Internet and your own headphones.

Audio guide Plovdiv day tour offers available in 9 languages: Bulgarian, Russian, German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Turkish.

3 h.

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Individual Walking Sightseeing Tour in Plovdiv

Audio Guide in Plovdiv – your universal tour guide

Do you want to find out how old Plovdiv is and get acquainted with unique facts on your own? A walking tour of Old Plovdiv with a personal audio guide is ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the ancient city and feel its history alone. Use a personal audio guide and you will learn the most interesting information from ancient legends and entertaining stories.

You choose the language for listening to professional voice recordings from 9 available, so you don't have to waste time looking contact for a guide/tour guide.

The Plovdiv sightseeing tour route is already laid out on the map that you will receive. All attractions have their own serial number. All you need to do is approach each site and dial the desired number onto the device.

  • The tour is approximately three hours long, but the audio guide is at your disposal all day, which means you decide at what pace to go
  • What sites you want to visit & when to take a break for lunch or coffee in one of the many beautiful cafes/Restaurants available
  • If you miss some information that is no problem as you can listen as many times as you need

Stock up on comfortable shoes for walking along the old pavement, turn on the audio guide and go to get acquainted with the history of Plovdiv on a walking tour through the city!

What objects are included in the Plovdiv Audio Guide Tour?

We have collaborated the most interesting, sometimes little known sites and a wide range of information about the magnificent historical, cultural and architectural sights of Plovdiv City. Show you:

Roman Stadium

The ancient stadium of Philippopolis (as Plovdiv used to be called) is located under the main pedestrian street of the city. Its northern part is exhibited at the Roman Stadium Square. The rest is hidden in the basements of modern buildings. It was built at the beginning of the 2nd century under the rule of Emperor Hadrian on the model of the stadium at Delphi. There are only twelve such structures left in the world. Plovdiv is one of the brightest.

Ancient Theater

The Ancient Roman Theater in Plovdiv is one of the best preserved in Europe. It was uncovered during archaeological excavations between two of the three hills of old Plovdiv - Jambaz Tepe and Taksim Tepe. It took ten years to clear the Theater from the 11-meters of earth and to save it from destruction. One of the two largest European amphitheaters after the Roman one was opened in Sofia. Now 1/6 of the Colosseum has been discovered.

Hisar Kapiya

If you want to capture the memorable views of ancient Plovdiv, this is probably the right place. A corner of the city's history miraculously preserved here and is a great place for photographs.
The cobble stone winding street, sandwiched on both sides by the fortress walls, as well as the surviving Hisar Kapiya fortress gates seem to make us participants. Immersing us in that ancient era and making us feel the atmosphere of the events of those bygone years.

Great Basilica

The Great Bishop’s Basilica is one of the most significant objects on the territory of Bulgaria.
According to experts, the Basilica has no analogues in southeastern Europe. The coin of the Emperor Licinius discovered during the excavations and the preserved mosaic inscription in Greek gave reason to say so. It turned out that this is one of the first churches in the Roman Empire, built in the 4th century to perform the sacrament of baptism after the adoption of Christianity in 313.

Audio-guided tours of Plovdiv are available in all seasons, 365 days a year. Choose a time convenient for you and come to discover the secrets of Old Plovdiv!

Audio guide is a good solution for a small group of friends!

Price and conditions for buying an audio guide online (listen on the site)

You can listen to the tour on our website. To do this, you will need mobile internet and headphones for your phone.

We offer two online listening options:

  • 25 leva / 13 € - "For those who are NOT limited in time"
  • 13 leva / 7 € - "For those who have limited time"

Select the date of the tour from the calendar. After payment, a link with access to audio files and a route map will be sent to your email.

On the day you choose, the link will become active and will be valid for 24 hours.

For an additional fee, you can extend access to the link up to 72 hours.

Price and conditions for renting an audio guide

At the moment, the service of issuing audio guides for rent does not work. Our company is doing everything possible to reopen the office in the city of Plovdiv.

Please, use the online audio guide on our website.

Plovdiv - suggested routes


  • Audio guide device
  • Online Audio tours Plovdiv "Full-time excursion"

0. History of the city of Plovdiv
1. Mosque
2. Roman stadium
3. Church of the Assumption of Virgin Merry
4. Ancient theatre
5. Lamartine House and Klianti House
6. Paldin restaurant
7. Saborna street
8. Church “St. Constantine and Helena”
9. Lapidarium Square
10. Balabanov House, Hindliyan House
11. Armenian Church
12. Armenian Church Museum (Аudio inside the museum)
13. Gossiper
14. Ethnographic Museum
15. Nebet tepe
16. Hissar Kapiya
17. Street of crafts
18. East gate of Philippopolis
19. Small Basilica (Аudio inside the museum)
20. Bishop’s Basilica
21. Catholic church
22. Trakart Museum (Аudio inside the museum)
23. Ancient Forum
24. Modern city center
25. Parts of the Roman stadium


  • Online Audio tours Plovdiv "For a limited time"

0. History of the city of Plovdiv
1. Mosque
2. Roman stadium
3. Church of the Assumption of Virgin Merry
4. Ancient theatre
5. Lamartine House and Klianti House
6. Church “St. Constantine and Helena”
7. Lapidarium Square
8. Balabanov House, Hindliyan House
9. Gossiper
10. Ethnographic Museum
11. Nebet tepe
12. Hissar Kapiya

Video - Walking Tour Plovdiv

listen to a fragment of the recording

ENG The gossip section (fragment):

ENG The gossip section (fragment)

BG Клюкарник (fragment):

BG Клюкарник (fragment)

GR Η γωνία των κουτσομπολιών (fragment):

GR Η γωνία των κουτσομπολιών (fragment)

ESP La sección de chismes (fragment):

ESP La sección de chismes (fragment)

ITA Posto per pettegoleggiare (fragment):

ITA Posto per pettegoleggiare (fragment)

DE Die Tratschecke (fragment):

DE Die Tratschecke (fragment)

RUS Клюкарник (fragment):

RUS Клюкарник (fragment)

TUR Dedikoduluk (fragment):

TUR Dedikoduluk (fragment)

FRA La section des potins (fragment):

FRA La section des potins (fragment)

Tourists reviews

  • Мая Христоскова - България

    Отлична организация.Любезен и отзивчив екскурзовод.Интересна,полезна и изчерпателна информация относно всички обекти.Удобни устройства с възможност за различни езици.Подходяща услуга и за индивидуални и за групови екскурзии. Благодарим Ви !

  • Ervīns Butkevičs - Latvija

    You can feel free from guided crouds of tourist groups, same tim do not miss best spots of the city. Done very professionaly. Highly reccomend!

  • Brian - England

    A thoroughly enjoyable way to travel around a new and exciting destination; steeped in history and rich architecture. All of which was covered in this comprehensive Audio tour guide, with a user friendly pictorial map to guide one around this most picturesque of Balkan cities at one's own pace and affording leisurely breaks for drinks and refreshments. An excellent thought out concept. Bravo George and co.

  • Susana Santos - Portugal

    Excellent! Not Portuguese but English with accent. I could decide the rhythm, learned a lot about the city history ...stopped to have lunch and snacks.. a nice map to follow. All the major interesting points are there. Good relation price-product. Kisses

  • Александр - Россия

    Исключительно положительные впечатления! Рекомендую Всем! Все очень профессионально!

  • María - spain

    Excellente! hicimos el recorrido con mi novio y nos encanto, los audios eran en español y super interesantes. Lo que mas nos gusto es que podiamos ir a nuestro propio ritmos, sin tener que seguir un grupo de 20 perosnas o mas. Definitivamente recomiento. Marí y Francisco

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Optionally, the recording is valid from 24 to 72 hours from the start date.

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Frequently asked questions – F.A.Q.

How is the walking tour Plovdiv with audio guide?

Tour of Plovdiv with an audio guide is a tour with a ready-made audio route. You will move on your own, follow your own pace. You can distract yourself at any time, drink coffee, buy souvenirs, take photos, and continue your walk again.

Throughout your excursion you will follow the route map, where and how to go. And when you arrive, just turn on our audio guide.

What audio guide options do you offer?

For your convenience, we offer two tour options with an audio guide.

First - you get an audio guide device, headphones and a route map for the whole day.

This option is convenient for those guests of Bulgaria who will be without the Internet.

The second way is to listen to audio recordings on our website. To do this, you must have mobile Internet. After paying for the tour, a link with access to audio files will be sent to your email.

On the day of the excursion you have chosen, the link will become active and will be valid for 24 hours.

Can I get lost or get off track?

In Plovdiv, this will be extremely difficult to do! All objects are located very close to each other, 3-5 minutes from one another. Therefore, you will not have the opportunity to get lost.

It will be very easy for you to navigate the route map that you receive with the audio guide.

Do I need internet for the tour?

If you would like to rent an audio guide device, you do not need access to the Internet.

If you want to listen to the audio guide on our website through your phone, then you will need an internet connection.

If we come to Plovdiv by car, where should we leave the car?

Tourists are not allowed to enter the old city itself. Only residents of the city with special passes can enter there.

A tourist can leave a car in a paid parking lot near the Ramada Hotel or on the side of the street by paying for parking with SMS notifications via phone.

How is the audio guide recorded?

The audio guide includes recordings of stories about cultural and historical monuments, both about the object itself and inside it. You can listen to the tour in temples and museums without disturbing anyone. The audio guide offers entries inside the museums: "Small Basilica", "Trakart" and "Armenian Church-Historical Museum".

You will have the feeling that you are moving with a guide. You will hear these words: - "Now press pause, go inside the temple and turn on the text again."

Will there be additional costs during the tour?

Most of the objects that you visit during the tour are available for free. Some cultural monuments have now been turned into museums and have an entrance fee. If you wish, you can buy an entrance ticket to view the objects inside.

What languages ​​are included in the Plovdiv audio guide?

The Plovdiv audio guide can be listened to in 9 languages: Russian, Bulgarian, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Turkish and Greek.

How long does the tour last?

You yourself determine the pace of your movement and choose objects for viewing. Approximate tour time is 2.5 - 3 hours.

Is the tour suitable for children?

Yes, the tour is suitable for children from 7 years old. They are happy to go with an audio guide, manage the content on their own and listen to the recordings with interest.

Is the tour accessible to people with disabilities?

Unfortunately, the old town is covered with stones and paving stones. Therefore, wheelchair mobility will be very difficult.

You can see just a few objects to which there is an accessible road infrastructure.