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Whisper system Audioguide model GS 6

audio guide model gs6

Model GS 6 - is an ergonomic audio guide - a tube with a wide interactive functionality

The universal audio guide can be used indoors and outdoors, in auto and manual modes at museums and exhibition expositions of any size and type of exhibits.

Well as in park areas and for automatic multilingual excursions in transport.

Additional functions(memory 8GB) Included PriceGS6 - 380 lv
1. Manual mode
2. Tactile buttons with backlight
3. Two headphone connection outputs, connection of induction loop for hearing aids
4. Displaying help information on the device screen
5. Secure multilingual content
6. Bright OLED-screen. Built-in speaker
MANUAL MODE + AUTOMATIC MODE Not included in the price
7. + Function"RFID module (Auto-start RFID-sensors (with active radio-card, adjustable circular zone of action, radius up to 40 meters) - for excursions in open areas and large exposures) 56.00
8. +Function"NFC module (The playback happens when audio is sent to the NFC - enabled labels. NFC - It is used in the following cases: when the visitor wants to choose the exhibit, he / she is interested in and listen to the story about it. With a high density of artifacts) 23.00
9. + Theft Protection System 11.00
10. + Device usage statistics 11.00
11. Special cable for connection to a hearing aid 70.00


1. Multifunctional audio guide with a lot of autostart features in the basic version.

2. NFC tags. Autostart from NFC labels when the audio guide approaches them for excursions at small expositions and with a dense arrangement of exhibits.

3. Autostart IR sensors (active infrared sensors with a directional adjustable zone of action, at a range of up to 15 meters). For excursions in medium-sized expositions.

4. Autostart RFID sensors (active radio sensors with a configurable circular zone of action, radius of up to 40 meters). For excursions in open territories and at large expositions.

5. Navigation on Beacon-tags. The ability to play the content of excursions in the following formats: audio, video, images or slideshows and text (* txt).

6. This audio guide has a strong, comfortable and reliable body. For several years of use in hundreds of museums in Europe, the United States, Japan, the device has proven itself.

7. The best set of application possibilities in the "Affordable Environment" programs: tactile buttons; video in sign language; subtitles to videos and images; The replacement of audio with text on the screen, incl. increased font; induction loop connection.

8. Playback of 2nd level content - additional or special with one press of a button on the keyboard.

9. Built-in memory - 2 GB. The possibility of increasing the memory (4-32 GB).

10. High quality stereo sound in the range of audio frequencies from 40 to 18000 Hz.

11. Bright OLED-screen. Built-in speaker.

12. Multilingual audio / video synchronization with broadcast on large screens.

13. Ability to put any brand logo on the screen.

14. Theft Protection System.

15. Secure multilingual content.

16. Two headphone connection outputs, connection of induction loop for hearing aids.

17. Metal case for recharging, disinfecting and downloading content for up to 22 audio guides.

18. Device usage statistics.

19. Tactile buttons with backlight.

20. Convenient volume control with tactile buttons.

21. Displaying help information on the device screen.

22. Recharge via individual adapters or charging units for 5 or 10, 22 devices.

23. Possible to Carry on the Neck Cord.

24. 12 month warranty.

Basic accessories for the GS 6 audio guide

1. Case for recharging, disinfecting and downloading content

2. Charging unit for 5 or 10 audio guides

3. Single slot for recharging audio guides

4. Single slot for loading content into audio guides

5. NFC label

6. IR sensor with socket powering with 220V voltage

7. IR sensor with battery power in an anti-vandal protected case.

8. RFID sensors and decoder for their setup

9. External block of the anti-theft alarm system

10. Headphones with 3.5 mm plug