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Tour guide headset system

SLIM is an economy class radio guide of one-way communication receiver.
The SLIM receiver model can be used in any meetings and excursions of long duration. It is used for large groups, in places with obstacles for signal transmit.

radio guide slim

Characteristics Tour guide headset system

1. Quality device at low price.

2. Provides the most distant communication among receivers: coverage range up to 400 m, receiving range up to 200 m.

3. Strong plastic housing with a weight of only 54 grams. Lightweight, slim and elegant case.

4. It is carried on a neck cord and is used with plug-in external headphones with a standard 3.5 mm plug.

5. Built-in battery. Continuous operation time up to 15 hours.

6. Works in a radio system with a set of useful functions: operates in conjunction with a pair of transceivers that support a full duplex connection, which provide voice translation of 2 speakers and relaying the speech to a group of receivers.

7. Works in conjunction with an induction loop for people with hearing loss.

8. The device operates in the frequency range 863- 865 MHz (D1). Users do not need permission to use a radio guide with such receivers.

9. Possible to block any changes in settings, the function of storing settings back-ups.

10. Portable charging case for up to 42 devices and a stationary charging and disinfection unit for up to 10 devices.

11. 50 configurable radio channels.

12. Noise reduction function.

13. Easy to manage.

14. Good quality sound. The range of reproduced audio frequencies is 20-18000 Hz.

15. Convenient for applying the customer's brand on both sides of the surface of the receiver housing.

16. Operating temperature range -20 +70 С.

17. Bag with a set of a radio guide for a group of 20 people weighs up to 3 kg.

18. Recharge via individual adapters or charging unit for 10 devices.

19. Dimensions: 75 x 58.5 x 12.5 mm.

20. 12-month warranty.

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