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Radio Guide Model Many Hours for longer events

The tour guide rental headset system is suitable for any event where a single speaker needs to be heard by a large number of listeners. It is a wireless audio system that is extremely convenient for use by guides and translators when conducting tourist tours, conferences, seminars. Both the speaker and the listeners will have their own radio device to transmit or receive a signal with headphones, which will guarantee maximum freedom of movement.

audio guide system

Many hours Product Specifications

1. Quality device on low price

2. Distance covered - up to 300M

3. Receiving distance - 150M

4. Weight: 130g. Slim and elegant style

5. Capable with headphones with standard 3.5mm cabel.

6. High-capacity lithium battery with working time - 40 hours (7/8 daysuninterrupted work)

7. Size: 86.5×58×38 mm

8. Charging suitcase with function"Disinfection" for 25 slot receivers +2 USB ports for transmitters.

audio guide system

Radio guide system for your group