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Radio transmitter model М5

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Modern radio transmitter model M5 with a one-way radio connection, which is intended for transmitting voice messages from a tour guide or speaker to radios connected in a group within a certain distance of the transmitter.

The transmitter is part of a new generation of radio systems that has innovative interference protection, thus providing quality radio connection, even in areas with high levels of electromagnetic interference.

Main characteristics of a radio transmitter

  • Size 103x61x21 mm., Weight 112 g.
  • Sturdy construction made of quality plastic. Ergonomic shape with rounded edges, making the transmitter comfortable for holding in your hand.
  • Bright OLED screen, large buttons on the front panel.
  • Possibility of attaching the transmitter to your clothes with the clip on the back of the panel.
  • Built-in microphone allows the receiver to be used without plugging in a microphone with a cable. For the guide's convenience, any type of microphone can be connected to the transmitter.
  • Built-in battery runs for 10 hours without charging. Charge the battery for 4 hours individually or in the charging case with the receivers.

Possibility of modification of the transmitter (base model)

- "Short-range" transmitter - 2.4 GHz with 64 radio channels;

- "Long range" transmitter - 863-865 MHz with 20 radio channels;

Only one transmitter (base model) may be used in a single-link group. It can communicate and connect with an unlimited number of receivers. In addition, in cases of interferance of the signal, the channel monitor function offers the opportunity to change the channel, which will automatically and quickly switch all receivers in the new channel without further interruptions.