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Radio guide in the form of a headset

PREMIUM – is the new generation one-way radioguide receiver.
The model PREMIUM can be applied for any events, excursions and tours in conditions of normal noise level.

audio guide system

These receivers work in a group with a conventional transmitter, with an audio guide and as part of a conference system. Receivers of the "D1" band are also used in radio systems with broadcasting to two channels and simultaneously transmitting one voice channel of two speakers.

Characteristics Radio guide in the form of a headset

  • The most modern, convenient and hygienic radio guide receiver in the form of a headset. The model features a built-in directional sound speaker, hidden in the case. No need to connect external headphones
  • Lightweight and miniature receiver weighs only 23 grams
  • A new generation of radio guides for stable communication even in radio interference zones. "Follow channel" function - changing the radio channel on the transmitter changes the channel on all receivers of the group. Automatic channel tuning on receivers
  • Modifications for the frequency bands 863-865 MHz (hereinafter "D1" band) and 2.4 GHz (hereinafter "D2"). Users do not need permission to use a radio guide with such receivers
  • Range of reception of the transmitter: up to 150 m for "D1", up to 60 m for "D2"
  • Automatic reminder for lagging group members

  • Good quality sound. The range of reproduced audio frequencies is 20-18000 Hz
  • Setting of 20 channels in the range "D1" and 64 in the range "D2"
  • Easy to manage and control
  • A bag with a set of a radio guides for a group of 20 people weighs up to 2 kg
  • Built-in battery. Continuous working time up to 9 hours
  • Metal case for recharging and disinfection for 56 receivers. Set weight up to 6 kg
  • Operating temperature range -20 +70 С
  • Recharge via individual adapters or charging unit for 10 devices
  • 12 month warranty

The radio guide system “PREMIUM”

radio guide per gruppe