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Radio Guide model Premium

PREMIUM – is the new generation one-way radioguide receiver.
The model PREMIUM can be applied for any events, excursions and tours in conditions of normal noise level.

Audio Guide system

These receivers work in a group with a conventional transmitter, with an audio guide and as part of a conference system. Receivers of the "D1" band are also used in radio systems with broadcasting to two channels and simultaneously transmitting one voice channel of two speakers.


  • The most modern, convenient and hygienic radio guide receiver in the form of a headset. The model features a built-in directional sound speaker, hidden in the case. No need to connect external headphones
  • Lightweight and miniature receiver weighs only 23 grams
  • A new generation of radio guides for stable communication even in radio interference zones. "Follow channel" function - changing the radio channel on the transmitter changes the channel on all receivers of the group. Automatic channel tuning on receivers
  • Modifications for the frequency bands 863-865 MHz (hereinafter "D1" band) and 2.4 GHz (hereinafter "D2"). Users do not need permission to use a radio guide with such receivers
  • Range of reception of the transmitter: up to 150 m for "D1", up to 60 m for "D2"
  • Automatic reminder for lagging group members

Tour guide system
  • Good quality sound. The range of reproduced audio frequencies is 20-18000 Hz
  • Setting of 20 channels in the range "D1" and 64 in the range "D2"
  • Easy to manage and control
  • A bag with a set of a radio guides for a group of 20 people weighs up to 2 kg
  • Built-in battery. Continuous working time up to 9 hours
  • Metal case for recharging and disinfection for 56 receivers. Set weight up to 6 kg
  • Operating temperature range -20 +70 С
  • Recharge via individual adapters or charging unit for 10 devices
  • 12 month warranty

The radio guide system “PREMIUM”

radioguide per gruppi