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Radio system of two-way communication

MEGA is an innovative transceiver-assistant business-class radio system of two-way communication.
The transceiver MEGA is used for excursions, seminars and other events, including the production facilities, where all members of the groups are expected to communicate, incl. Q&A sessions. The device is applicable for VIPs and high-ranked delegations.

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Characteristics radio system of two-way communication

1. The device works with the group of users of the radio system of two-way communication. It provides both receiving voice messages from transceivers of other group members, as well as broadcasting to them.

2. Innovative, simple and intuitive control scheme for touchscreen elements.

3. Strong plastic housing weighs only 54 grams.

4. It is possible to carry the device on a neck cord and it can be used with plug-in external headphones with a standard 3.5 mm plug.

5. The device operates in the frequency range 863- 865 MHz (D1). Users do not need permission to use a radio guide with such receivers.

6. Applying the customer's brand to the reverse side of the device casing.

7. Effective noise reduction system, the ability to adjust the level of microphone amplification in the connected headset.

8. This transceiver provides technical capabilities for broadcasting audio in Hi-Fi quality - in the audio frequency ranged 20 - 18000 Hz.

9. Possible to block any changes in settings, function of saving settings for back-up.

10. The transceiver operates in two-way communication systems in groups consisting of a main transceiver and unlimited numbers of similar models assistant devices.

11. Communication is organized according to the principle of "hard moderation" of the speeches of the participants of the group through their transceivers-assistants. The head of the group through his main transceiver can resolve the performance of any participant through his device-assistant, can interrupt his performance. With "hard moderation" group can hear a voice message only from one main transceiver or from one of the devices-assistants, acting with permission from the main one.

12. It is made from high-quality, shock-resistant and transparent material, framed by an integrated steel chrome bumper. It protects the device from shock, strengthens the case and shields the electronics.

13. The dimensions of the device are 77 x 45 x 17.

14. 20 customizable channels.

15. Built-in battery. Continuous operation time up to 5 hours.

16. Range of signal reception - up to 150 m.

17. Metal case for recharging and disinfection for 30 devices, weighing up to 6 kg.

18. Operating temperature range -20 + 70С.

19. A bag with a set of a radio guides for a group of 20 people weighs up to 3 kg.

20. They are recharged via individual adapters or via a charging unit for 10 devices.

21. 12 month warranty.