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Case for charging devices

Cases for charging radioguides

  • have a different capacity from 22 to 63 slots, depending on the model of the radio guide.
  • designed not only for recharging, but also for storage and transportation of devices.
  • can be equipped with disinfectors - an additional option.
  • size of charging case: 460x360x205 mm
cases for charging radioguides

Individual recharging adapters - suitable for all models of radio guides with a built-in battery. Adapters can charge up to 10 devices.

individual recharging adapters

Charging cabinets, cabinets for stationary use.
Dimensions: 550x450x600 mm and 540x270x230 mm

Charging cabinets and cabinets are equipped with:

  • LED indication of charging and disinfection processes
  • locks and anti-theft alarm system
  • wheels for easy moving