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Top Things to See in Sofia

top things to see in sofia

There’s no doubt that Sofia isn’t exactly the most romantic city in Bulgaria, but still, it is suitable for lovers and couples. There are plenty of amazing romantic activities and attractions you can plan for your excursion to Bulgaria’s city. You just need the right hints to arrange your date here. We are once again your best helpers as we have managed to compose a whole list with the top things to see in Sofia if you are on a romantic vacation! Attention: romantic trips with your beloved person might not be very nice if you move along with a group or even a tourist guide, so do not underestimate the possibility to have any of our audio guides and devices if you want to learn some interesting information about the local attractions.

One of the top things to see in Sofia if you are with your beloved person is, no doubt, the Lovers Bridge. It is a pedestrian bridge placed in the central part of the capital. It’s an interesting fact that the bridge, as a matter of fact, isn’t officially named that way, but locals call it that it way. The thing is that many Bulgarian couples in love enjoy sitting on the bridge whether during the summer evenings, or enjoying the snowy scenery in the winters. Speaking of which, Lovers Bridge shows you one fantastic panoramic view towards the nearby Vitosha Mountain, as well as a part of the luxurious Lozenetz district. Right next to the bridge, there’s a lovely park you can continue your romantic walk. Last, but not least, the bridge has been famous these days for its open-air photography or art exhibitions.

After so much walking, you might get hungry, so the next suggestion of ours as to the top things to see in Sofia if you are on a romantic trip to Bulgaria is having a lunch in any of the local posh restaurants. The choice is big enough, so we are not going to point out specific name. What we should recommend you, though, is to on mandatory order some Bulgarian wine. Traditional Bulgarian wine sorts have been popular among the entire world for a long time. And most of the authentic Bulgarian dishes become great combos with wine – including the salads, the red meat Bulgarians love preparing with mushrooms or cheese and many more.

What would be more romantic than getting lost with your beloved person in unknown city like Sofia? If you are not very good in dealing with maps and finding a specific location fast, arrange an “imaginary” loss in a place you actually meet online in details in advance. Why not adding the catacombs of Saint Sofia Church in your list of the top things to see in Sofia and get lost there? By the way, this attraction is, no doubt, a must to be seen as it shows the visitors some awesome and mysterious unique sarcophagi, digital exhibits telling the story of the place, and thrilling tunnels to walk around.

Here’s one more idea to include in your list of the top things to see in Sofia when being with your date – a movie night. You will be amazed how much Bulgarians love European and independent cinema. There’s even a cinema theatre with programs that include no popular or new movies, but only romantic classics, indie productions and of course, gloomy retro atmosphere to dive in with your better half.

If you are in Sofia during winter and you have your beloved person for a company, on mandatory, go skating at the local Ariana Lake. It’s placed right next to the entrance of the popular Borisova Gradina Park. In winter the lake is turn into a real skating arena and the best news is that It’s open 24/7, so some romantic late-night skating session is worth it to be considered!

Alone in the woods and surrounded by a fantastic natural atmosphere is, doubtlessly, a great idea for a romantic adventure. Include a visit to the Vitosha Mountain in your top things to see in Sofia and hike till you get so tired that a night spent in the old-fashioned Aleko hut would seem to you both as the cosiest experience you can imagine!