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Restaurants with folklore performance

Where to go after we visit all the interesting historical places in Sofia? You can find around 2000 places in the capital with good food. A lot of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, fast food– where you can meet thousands of travelers from different countries every day. But we will show you the most popular for tourist- restaurants with delicious Bulgarian cuisine, which for dinner, they offer their guests to enjoy folklore shows and even learn folk dances.

horo is bulgarian folk dance

What is horo?

“Horo” is Bulgarian folk dance The name comes from the Greek word χορός - dance. There can be an unlimited number of dance participants. Everybody dance together – men, women and children. The dancers stand in a row or in a circle, hold each other’s hands and perform synchronized movements with their legs and make steps. There are dozens of varieties and horo rhythms that are popular in a particular geographic region and have their own movements. Horo is so popular in the country that, perhaps, it is impossible to meet a local resident over 5 years old who doesn’t know and has never danced horo. In everyday life, the Bulgarians have many reasons to hone their skills in this kind of folk art. Round dances are arranged at weddings, at parties in restaurants and folk clubs, during various contests, city festivals, physical education classes at school, because it’s included in the school curriculum.

It must be acknowledged that this type of dance is not unique to the Bulgarian people. There are different varieties of this dance among Serbs, Greeks, Gagauz, Moldovans, Macedonians, Croats, Romanians, Georgians, Armenians, Turks.

restaurants with a folklore program in sofia

So, for the lovers of bread and dances we will tell you about 13 famous restaurants where you can listen orchestra of Bulgarian folk instruments, may drink Bulgarian wine and rakia, and, finally, learn some dances with pretty performers in national costumes.

Useful tips before choosing a restaurant

Before to choose the restaurant, please keep in mind this :

  • folklore restaurants are very popular and in the evening on the show days they are fully packed, therefore it’s necessary to book a table in advance;
  • in such places it is very crowded and noisy, the atmosphere is more suitable for having fun with friends rather than for a romantic date;
  • get ready for that - food and drinks in such a restaurant will be a bit pricier, and they’ll be served to you a little slower than in places without a show program;
  • choose Bulgarian bottled wine – it’s cheaper, and in quality, it’s not inferior to the imported one;
  • if you don’t want to dance, book a table away from the place of performance and artists. Dancers always are very persistent in inviting guests to dance, it’s very difficult to refuse.
restaurants with folklore program Sofia

Restaurants with evening folklore program, Sofia

  • Restaurant "Chevermeto". Address: 1, sq. Bulgaria. The restaurant is located on 2 levels, if you decide to make a video or photo, it will be more convenient from the second floor. The daily show starts at 20:30, first there are singers who perform, and then dancers.
  • Restaurant "Nashe Selo - Our Village". Address: 15, blvd. Academician I. Geshov. In this restaurant you should order the platter. Different types of Bulgarian delicacies, cheeses or grilled meats are served on large wooden boards. Evening show - on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Restaurant "Pod Lipite". Address: 1, st. Elin Pelin. The restaurant was opened in 1926. Food products come from the farm that belongs to the restaurant. Folk show - every night.
  • Restaurant "Mehana Sofia". Address: 106, blvd. Princess Maria Luiza. Mehana is located very close to the central railway station of Sofia. Evening show - on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Restaurant "Site Bulgari Zaedno". Address: 37, st. General Stoletov. On the website of the restaurant, future customers are warned about the need to wear comfortable shoes - here it’s impossible to avoid dancing. Folklore show and folk dances - daily.
  • Restaurant "Mehana Pri Bratovcheda". Address: 129, Tsarigradsko Shose - located close to Druzhba and Inter Expo Center metro stations. Evening show - from Tuesday to Saturday.
  • Restaurant Ethnoteca "Hashove". Address: 45, blvd. Princess Maria Luiza. The restaurant is located in the center, near Serdika metro station. Evening show - on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Restaurant "Mehana Rachenitsa". Address: 41, blvd. Tsar Boris III. The restaurant has a very beautiful interior that uses traditional village textiles. Evening show - on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Restaurant "Mehana Chanovete". Address: 81, st. Kiril Draganov. This mehana has a good selection of wine. Evening show - on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Restaurant "Veselo Selo –Happy Village", Address: 5, Blvd. Dragan Tsankov. The restaurant is located in Borisova Gradina Park, in a stylized rural house with a large beautiful garden. Folk show - daily.
  • Restaurant "Vodenitsata." Address: Dragalevtsi quarter, Vitosha Park. In the warm seasons, in addition to folk program, dance performances on the coals take place. The daily folklore show starts at 21:00.
  • Restaurant "Manastirska Magernitsa". Address: 67, st. Khan Asparuh. The restaurant serves dishes prepared according to old recipes from Bulgarian monasteries. The musical program is every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Restaurant "Hadzhidraganovite Kashti." Address: 75, st. Kozlodui. The restaurant is located in four restored buildings from the period of the Bulgarian National Revival of 1866, built in a common courtyard. Folklore ensemble performs every day except Monday and Sunday.
traditional bulgarian food

Location on the map and phone numbers of these restaurants can be found at https://barcafe.bg/en/sofia-all-places/- just enter the name of the restaurant in the search bar.

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