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Sofia and What to Do Except for Sightseeing

sofia what to do

“Sofia what to do?” might be a question you are now asking yourself every next minute after you have booked your flight to Bulgaria. Whether you arrange a whole excursion in Bulgaria’s city, or you have only a day to experience its attractions and cool places to visit during your business trip, there are plenty of exciting options you can enjoy.

Indeed, Sofia is a very rich in cultural, historical and art masterpieces and landmarks you can check out. This is why sightseeing is always on the pedestal when it comes to Sofia what to do dilemma. Yet, there are many other things you can actually do, as well as many different except for traditional attractions places to visit.

Today’s material we offer you is devoted to these other things and places. We are going to discuss the topic Sofia what to do except for sightseeing. As a matter of fact, you are going to definitely love our suggestions and once you read them you might even shorten your sightseeing program in the sake of trying these other alternatives.

1. Stroll down the most lively and coolest pedestrian boulevard in Sofia. It’s a great alternative to spend some awesome time for both: fashion bargain hunters and adventurous tourists who look for something more in an excursion than sightseeing. Watching how life goes by in Sofia is a true experience – it might be too dynamic if you come from a small tiny town in East Europe or a true relaxation if you live in a bigger cosmopolite city.

2. Have a chess game with the locals over an age of 50 just next to one of the most beautiful buildings in the capital – Ivan Vazov Theatre. Ok, let’s say it straight – it isn’t about the game, itself, but about meeting real people of Sofia, letting them tell you a legend about the city, a comment about national political life (Bulgarians truly love discussing football and political life, by the way) and learn some new joke in Bulgarian.

3. Another interesting suggestion in our Sofia What to Do guide is to explore the nearby Vitosha mountain. There’s a hut here, named on one of the most remarkable novelists in Bulgaria, Aleko Konstantinov, in case you love the local nature. And to tell you the truth, there’s a very small possibility for you not to fall in love in this brilliant and inspiring mountainous view that is in such a big contrast with the big smoggy city.

4. Have a traditional meal and order a traditional alcohol drink. The traditional alcohol drink in Bulgaria is called rakia and if you are not used to drinking, better arrange this idea for Sofia What to Do tour in the late hours of the day as it’s truly hard one. As to the meals, we better tell you in advance to get tarator or bob chorba for a soup and continue with Shopska salad, Moussaka or kebapche (the local king of the grill). Have baklava or Caramel cream for a desert!

5. Visit the Woman’s Market where you will find absolutely everything at half price. Do not get panicked if you see big gypsy crowds, they are here to offer you socks, alive chickens ready to be butchered in front of your eyes and even old-fashioned devices like radio sets. Yet, be safe here and keep your documents and menu finely hidden.

6. Have a pause in the hotel after this rich culinary adventure to let the garlic, rakia and onion smell go away (Bulgarians truly love this combo of tastes) and finally, end your Sofia What to do except for sightseeing tour with a visit at any of the local bars. Sofia is a very generous in night clubs, live performance events, discos with any music genre programs you can think about. Plus – it is always interesting and awesome for a foreigner tourist to see how good in partying Bulgarians are.