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Do you want to know more about Bulgaria and it's traditions, culture, gastronomy and of course, wines?
This platform has been created to provide tourist information to travelers visiting this beautiful country. We hope you find it helpful.

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Interactive travel map of Sofia

Interactive travel map of Sofia

This is a physical paper map of the capital city that provides information about the location of popular tourist sites in Sofia - the capital city. It helps you find the museums, historical monuments, cultural and natural heritage sites that will tell you about the history and culture of Sofia and help you get to know the city.

The interactive travel map of Sofia has much more to offer – it works together with the mobile appilication and can help you find places and tourist objects that will add more flavour to your city tour and make you feel its atmosphere and fully enjoy your tour.

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Lockers Sofia is so much more than just luggage storage.
We see ourselves as a Tourist Service Point.
Come meet us at Lockers Sofia and find out for yourself.

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sofia walking tour

Everyone who’s having a plan to visit Sofia must be totally aware of the alternative unofficially called awesome and free Sofia Tour. This Sofia walking tour does not just make as free as a bird, but also a chance for all foreign tourists to meet Bulgaria’s capital in a deeper than the standard tourist way is. If you already know what you want to see during your free Sofia walking tour, you might be now wondering if there is a necessity for a preliminary preparation.

So, do we have to do anything before the Sofia walking? To answer this question we have prepared for you a specially tailored guide as to how to experience unforgettable free Sofia tour by feet:

1. There’s no need to lose precious time to book, pay or arrange anything as most pedestrian routes among Sofia include the best cost-free attractions you can see, basically at the outdoors. All you have to do is to be there. Speaking of which…

2. You can arrange an improvised Sofia tour is round the whole year and every single day. It’s because most of the attractions here are available for public visits generally non-stop, excluding the standard in-house museums and galleries.

3. The reservation in advance is needed only if you want some special private Sofia walking tour which, according to us, is unnecessary as in case you have any of our audio guide devices at hand, you can simply walk around the local attractions while getting the whole information of them via your earphones.

4. You don’t have to prepare yourself with lots of food, water or outwear clothes. Sofia might be a truly big city (considering its size in correspondence to the size of the whole country), but most of its public and top popular attractions are situated in a concrete central area of the city. Hence, a bottle of mineral water can be bought on the way and umbrella is a nice alternative to avoid getting wet as Sofia has recently become a rainy city.

5. You are free to use audio guides and devices with tourist information to hear via your headphones if you prefer to receive some more detailed information about the attractions you pass by. With an audio guide device you can get quite more interesting facts and curious information about all of these attractions in Bulgaria’s capital.

6. If you want a guide, how about hiring a local? The information such a tourist guide can prepare for you is basic and tourist, but if you are keen on learning something more specific or some local custom, don’t hesitate to ask!

7. If you are in Sofia during winter, prepare yourself with cold clothes. Sofia is not only cold in winters, but also very windy, so a hat is a must, too.

8. Don’t get late. Regardless the fact you don’t have a reservation and it’s your own free Sofia walking tour, note that once the first hours of the early morning starts the busy crowds and the traffic in the city become truly annoying. This is why there are plenty of things you can see during the earliest hours of the day.

9. On mandatory, have sneakers or any other comfortable shoes on your fees. It’s a Sofia walking tour, so get ready to walk about 3,2 km (2 miles). You can, of course, make some pauses for some sitting, but the more you do that, the less charming your tour becomes.However, the speed is standard and not fast at all.

10. If you are with small kids, better use a sling or an ergonomic knapsack as Sofia’s streets are not stroller-friendly at all.