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The Detailed Plovdiv Sightseeing Guide You Need to Read

plovdiv sightseeing

Plovdiv sightseeing isn’t just a great tourist experience, it’s a memory that can change your life in a good way forever…Why?

Being an extraordinary country at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Bulgaria is a unique place with rich culture which mixes Thracian, ancient Greek, Byzantine, and Roman influences. These different civilizations have left their signs, artefacts, symbols and customs in different regions across the country, but when it comes to a place that mixes them all, we simply and quickly point out Plovdiv City on the spur of the moment.

Not only because of this or because it’s the European capital of culture for 2019 year, but also because Plovdiv has that relaxing, immerse and deep atmosphere no other city in Bulgaria process, we, by the way, have listed it right next to Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, as our first and top tourist destinations in the city. Here’s where we should remind you that all of our tours and audio guides, as well as our specially tailored devices for sightseeing are available in Plovdiv.

Meanwhile, it’s usually hard to talk about Plovdiv. No matter how amazing travel blogger or professional tourist guide you are, in most cases describing the city with words or in pictures seems to be never enough. You need to experience the city’s atmosphere, to see at least one smile among the crowd of people of Plovdiv and to walk around its lovely and welcoming environment to really get to know it. Hence, no matter how many times you have been in Plovdiv, remember, it has always something new, interesting, mysterious or lovely to show you the next time you come back.

However, on the other side, it is our duty to direct you in your upcoming fascinating Plovdiv sightseeing journey. Due to this we would like to offer you a detailed Plovdiv sightseeing guide you need to read on mandatory. Below, you will at least some of the best Plovdiv’s attractions and things to experience to put on your to-do-list.

1. The Ancient Stadium is one of the most remarkable ancient landmarks in Plovdiv. Dating since the rule of Hadrian in the 2nd century, the stadium has the remarkable capacity for 30 000 spectators, but what is one of the most curious thing about the attraction is one of its tunnels which the competitors entered the stadium. These days this part cannot be just seen, but it’s the most preserved one authentically. Here’s one more curious fact about the Ancient Stadium in Plovdiv – one 'advertising stone' has been discovered recently and it’s unique for the fact that it announces a gladiator battle in the city.

2. Tsar Simeon Garden is one of the most emblematic public gardens in the core of Plovdiv city centre. Here is where the century-old greenery let the shadow cool the hottest days of the year (Plovdiv, is by the way, one of the hottest cities in the country) and meets social and cultural events, embraces several kid’s playgrounds and serves the role of a shelter for the local Singing Fountain. The fountain, by the way, has been recently renovated with amazing new decors, flashing effects and lots of relaxing zones, including an entire water playing area for children.

3. Here’s another ancient, glorious and unique historical monument that’s a symbol for Plovdiv – Ancient theatre. With its large capacity of 7000 spectators it still hosts Plovdiv’s biggest outdoor cultural, social, musical and other live performances and events. The theatre was only rediscovered in the 1970s after a landslide had taken place on the hill. Today, Plovdiv’s Ancient Theatre, by the way, has been still evaluated as one of the most intact theatres from the Ancient Greek civilization. No Plovdiv sightseeing plan exists without the Ancient Theatre included in its program.

4. By all means, there’s nothing more emblematic and sublime in Plovdiv than the Old City. It has been detached by the modern central side in the town and during the years it has been always one of the most beloved Plovdiv sightseeing hot spot for the tourist audience. The Old city is a fully pedestrian zone you will recognize by its narrow and cute cobblestone streets. Here is where you will meet the traditional homes Bulgarians used to live during the period between 18th and 20th century. Some of these old houses are more than just remarkable architecture masterpieces, but mini museums devoted to specific traditional crafts or honourable people of the Old, but gold Plovdiv’s Revival time.

5. If all those ancient times, mysterious remains and old artefacts escalate in your Plovdiv sightseeing walk, have some cultural pause in the Philippopolis Art Gallery and Museum. See its wonderful old interior that mixes great antique furniture with emblematic paintings by renowned Bulgarian artists. One of our favourite things in this attraction is the building’s massive carved wooden ceiling in the shape of a sun.

6. Kapana Art District is not just an attraction you need to include in your Plovdiv sightseeing tour, but a whole experience as art really lives here. Every single day a new old craft gets revived or a new creative modern idea, cause or product is born. By the way, the district is located in the central side of the city and you can easily find it. If you wonder what the name of this attraction means, you are now start thinking like a real local (you’re passionate and curious about the mysterious and beautiful things in life, all people in Plovdiv are the same). In Bulgarian, Kapana means “the trap”. According to the legend, the name comes from the unimaginable ways all its streets cross, change directions, or finish with a dead end. Once you get in, they say, it’s hard to get out. Yet, as we have already mentioned it, today Kapana is a charming and unique art district full of craft beer bars, shops for art products, ateliers, and a host to many fests round the whole year.

7. The Rowing Canal is the top attraction you will be pointed out If you ask for such a sublime place in the city any person who’s has been living here for a whole life or a bit less (it’s hard not to call yourself a person from Plovdiv if you have lived here even for 5 years only, the city fully “adopts you”). Indeed, this is the most favourite place to the locals for walks, weekends, after-work meetings and etc. Meanwhile, the canal is still used for sport events, but, unfortunately, the nearby Plovdiv Zoo has been still under renovation.

8. Speaking of the zoo, it must be a top place to include in your Plovdiv sightseeing plan with kids, right? Don’t worry, you can instead replace the zoo with some more unique experience – a ride via the Children’s Railway. This is a mini train showing you in an authentic 20-minute railway walk around the city’s top iconic hills.

9. Last, but not least, do not even think about missing tasting any of the local most authentic dishes. Plovdiv is a gastronome home and no matter how beautiful and model-like women are here, the locals do respect the delicious food. We strongly recommend you to sample some of the national iconic dishes in Plovdiv – like Guvech, Zelevi sarmi, Shkembe soup or anything unknown as a name in a menu you look when being in a restaurant based in Plovdiv!