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The malls in Plovdiv

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Malls are one of the most desirable places to spend your free time. The light, the atmosphere, the smiling people, the diverse shopping areas, the entertainment - that's what we find in these big luxury buildings. The advantages - we park for free, we can stay all day, we can find delicious food or aromatic coffee. We can find a gift for our loved one or pamper ourselves. Also, malls in Bulgaria have a wide range and prices are low compared to other large countries. Food and entertainment are great, and to watch the movie you're looking forward to, you'll only pay about 10 BGN / 5 EUR. The working hours of the malls allow you a peaceful walk without haste, and it ends at 10:00 in the evening. Many people from Plovdiv visit the malls every day whether for relaxation or for an event.

And so begins our walk in the Plovdiv malls. For now, there are 3 in total. The oldest - Mall Plovdiv lures with its cinema - Cinema City Mall Plovdiv, delicious food that you will find on the third floor and shopping therapy.

The mall houses Cinema City Multiplex with 11 cinemas, including 4DX. Mall Plovdiv has paid underground parking for over 530 cars. Visitors can enter the mall from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, 7 days a week. Mall Plovdiv is located in the western part of the city, at the intersection of Svoboda Boulevard and Perushtitsa Street, in the small Plovdiv neighborhood of Smirnenski. From the main street 2.5 kilometers - walk 20 minutes by car 10.

The mall is located in a convenient location near one of the iconic places for this city - the Rowing Canal, which is also the largest in the Balkans. You can get there by free public transport (N6, N10, N15, N24). The Landmark Hotel is adjacent to the mall. Many varied events find their place in the mall, wine tastings or gourmet cuisine. Kids Fun - Trampolines, games, and animators that will entertain your kids while you enjoy your aromatic coffee for only 1.30 BGN. Traditional Bulgarian cuisine, warm and welcoming, can also be found on the third floor of the mall.

The second mall located on the site of one of the seven hills in Plovdiv -Markovo Tepe Mall

The mall has an interesting story - its name Markovo Tepe - comes from the fact that the popular tepe was in the place of the mall decades ago. That's why the mall bears its name.

The mall has a total built-up area of ​​55,000 sq.m and has over 600 parking spaces, located on 4 underground levels, as well as an outdoor parking lot, and on the top floor of the Markovo Tepe Mall, there is a huge terrace with panoramic views. The mall has a supermarket on its ground floor. With more than 80 retail outlets, Markovo Tepe Mall offers its customers fashion, services, cinema, restaurants, sports, entertainment, and recreation. Markovo Tepe Mall has a cinema complex in the IMAX Cinema Arena with 6 halls.

The mall is located on one of the largest boulevards in the city, Ruski Blvd., which is close to the center of Plovdiv. Adjacent to the mall is the Leipzig Hotel and Plovdiv Central Railway Station. It is located about 5 minutes from King Simeon's Garden and the Singing Fountains. It is also known as Alyosha Hill.

From the outdoor terrace, you can enjoy the beauty of the hill and the sunset over Ancient Plovdiv, sipping on fine wine. And so you don't have to worry about going home without the right home products, you can find a supermarket on the ground floor.

Transportation to the mall is possible with N6, N10, N12, N16, N18, N66 and N116 buses.

The newest and most up-to-date mall is calledPlovdiv Plaza Mall- a great place for some shopping and relaxation. The mall has a climbing wall, activities for children and relaxation for parents. Events such as puppet theater for children, concerts of famous Bulgarian performers or even foreign orchestras find their place there.

In addition, the mall also gives you the chance to win numerous prizes, raffles, shopping competitions or even luck wheels.

It is located on the fork of the central part of Plovdiv and Trakia quarter, 3 km from the central part of Plovdiv. Near it is the famous Lauta Recreation Park and the SPS Hotel. PLOVDIV PLAZA welcomes you with the unique not only for Bulgaria but also for Southeastern Europe LED screen with a height of 16 meters and an area of ​​175 square meters, which broadcasts specially created 3D productions and animations and can catch your attention for hours.

Stores: The one-of-a-kind "ZARA" is located in the Plovdiv Plaza Mall. Also, only in this mall can you place your order from IKEA in the small branch.

The mall has 3 levels of free parking and its opening hours are again until 10:00.

Transportation to the mall is possible by bus N18, N24, N29, N44, N9