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Bulgarian souvenirs and products

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Each traditional Bulgarian souvenir has its own history and the variety is huge - "Mussels" - small containers with rose oil, wooden boxes, tablecloths, "tarlatsi" - handmade traditional slippers, T-shirts, traditional folklore clothing, paintings, icons – all made by Bulgarian artists.

Typically, small businesses, which produce all their products on their own and pass along the craft through the generations, are involved in this activity. Such is the company "Pepilota", which offers unique handmade Bulgarian souvenirs, homemade wines and rakija, bee products and its own production of natural cosmetics at affordable prices.

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It is curious that the owner has created her own brand PEPILOTA COSMETICS - these are innovative and natural products of Bulgarian rose oil and many other oils and extracts, dermatologically tested and made with a lot of love. You can find Bulgarian facial and body creams, soaps, masks, healing ointments and many others.

The family has been engaged in wine production for many years and this gives them a rich experience to develop a new kind of wine - the so-called Ice Wine, made from frozen grape still on the vine. Only a few drops of juice are obtained from one grape, but they are sufficient because they are rich in natural sugars. And the lovers of the higher grades can enjoy the traditional Bulgarian rakija - a potion of the senses!

Unlike other souvenir shops, there are also plenty of Bulgarian bee products - various kinds of Bulgarian homemade honey and jams.

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If you want to feel the Bulgarian magic and hospitality, to try traditional Bulgarian products or to give interesting souvenirs to your friends and relatives at low prices, we recommend visiting "Pepilota"!

Working time: 10:00 - 20:00
Phone: +359 888 012 330
Location: Sunny Beach, behind the Central Bus Station, next to Hotel “Boomerang”