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Interactive travel map of Sofia

Interactive travel map of Sofia

This is a physical paper map of the capital city that provides information about the location of popular tourist sites in Sofia - the capital city. It helps you find the museums, historical monuments, cultural and natural heritage sites that will tell you about the history and culture of Sofia and help you get to know the city.

The interactive travel map of Sofia has much more to offer – it works together with the mobile appilication and can help you find places and tourist objects that will add more flavour to your city tour and make you feel its atmosphere and fully enjoy your tour.

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A large and cohesive team is working on the Audio Guide Bulgaria project. In our office we will welcome you with a smile and tell you about the excursions we do.

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Founders of the company "Audio Guide Bulgaria" - Mihail Peshev and Larisa Kuznetsova

Guide Bulgaria

Historian, guide and author of the historical information recorded for "Audio Guide Bulgaria" - Ivan Bazan

(14.12.1959 - 03.03.2021)

 Website designer of Audioguide Bulgaria

Website designer and software developer for issuing Audio guides - Christie Iontcheva

Boris - programmer of this wonderful site Audio Guide Bulgaria

Boris - programmer of this wonderful site Audio Guide Bulgaria and software programer for issuing Audio guides

Illustrator of tourist maps - Ekaterina Zayakina

Paulina employee of Audioguide Bulgaria

PR Manager of the company "Audioguide Bulgaria", a project of mass distribution - Media and Communications - Paulina Stefanova