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Varna and Burgas

Burgas - the second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and near resorts

The second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast Burgas is important administrative and tourist center. It is located 389 km from Sofia and 272km from Plovdiv.

The Port of Burgas is the largest port in Bulgaria.

Burgas Airport is the second largest airport in the country. It is international airport and is located in Sarafovo, 10 km from the city center of Burgas.

The railway station and the bus station are fully renovated and are close to the city center.

The most significant Thracian marks from the ancient past are Beglik Tash /an ancient sanctuary/ and the burial mound near the resort Sunny Beach. In the past, the Greeks from Apolonia /Sozopol/ established trade connections with the Thracians. Later the Romans built a military colony on the main road Via Pontica.

Today Burgas is a big industrial and tourist center.

Burgas Sea Garden

Burgas Sea Garden spreads over 600 decares and is more than 5 kilometers long. The amazing sea view from the terrace in the garden attracts thousands of people every year. The exotic plants and beautiful flowers make it a lovely place for walks both for the local people and the tourists. Many cultural events are performed in the park. The summer theatre most famous events are “Burgas and the Sea”, the Song Contest, the International Folklore Festival, The Music Festival Spirit of Burgas and the Art Festival.

Walking along the seacoast or enjoying a nice summer night at a cozy restaurant will not be a memorable experience if the gulls of Burgas are not there.

The mineral baths near Burgas – the complex Aqua Calidae - Thermopolis is situated 15 km from Burgas.

The sea resort that offers all kinds entertainment to the tourists and hotel guests. Albena resort is famous for its flower gardens. The hotels offer great services and night life, the sand is perfect and the transportation is well arranged. The resort is remarkable for its 5-km long and 150 m wide beach with fine and clean sand and crystal clear, calm and warm sea water. The tourist season in Albena starts in May and ends in October. The tourists benefit from the mineral water springs with temperature 30°C and the SPA centres.

North of Varna there are located the sea resorts St. Konstantin and Elena, Riviera, Golden Sands, Kranevo, Albena, Balchik, Kavarna, Russalka and Shabla.

Golden Sands is one of the oldest resorts the largest on the Black Sea coast.

Between Varna and Burgas are located the sea resorts Byala, Obzor, St. Vlas, Elenite, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Pomorie. Sunny Beach is the largest beach resort in Bulgaria.

Sunny Beach is one of the oldest resorts the largest on the Black Sea coast.

South ofBurgasare located the sea resorts Chernomorets, Sozopol, Dunes, Primorsko, Kiten, Lozenets, Tsarevo, Ahtopol and Sinemorets.

The city of Varna Bulgaria’s Sea Capital carries the traces of ancient civilizations

The city of Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria and a seaside resort on the Black Sea coast. Like most cities and towns on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, that were established on the land of the Thracians, Varna also carries the traces of ancient civilizations.

The oldest gold artifacts ever discovered are part of a vast necropolis in Varna dating back to the Copper Age.

In 1982 the Gold of Varna was exhibited in Japan as “The Oldest Gold in the World – The First European Civilization”.

The gold in the land of Thracians tempted the Greeks and later the Romans to come into possession not only of the treasures but also of the land. During the Roman rule the name of Varna was Odessos. The Roman baths are the third largest Roman Baths in Europe, dating back to the 2nd century A.D.

Varna Archaeological Museum displays the Gold of Varna – the oldest gold treasure in the world that dates back to 4600-4200 B.C.E

Varna is the most beautiful city on the Black Sea coast and is also known as Bulgaria’s Sea Capital. The Port of Varna is the largest seaport complex in Bulgaria.

The Naval Museum, built in 1890, is situated in the southern part of the Sea Garden.

The Sea Garden is the largest landscaped park in the Balkans. It fascinates the visitors of Varna with its wonderful sea view. There is a long alley made in honor of Bulgarian Revival with busts of the most honorable people of the Revival period. Tourists can visit the Natural Science Museum, The Nicolaus Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium and the Terrarium.

Varna Dolphinarium is the only Dolphinarium on the Balkan Peninsula.

Varna Summer International Music Festival brings together singers from many countries. Those who love opera have the opportunity to see opera performances in the Summer Theatre. The theatre hosts many national and international events.

Varna Airport is international airport and the third largest airport in the country. It is located 8 km from the city center.

The railway station and the bus station are fully renovated and are close to the city center.

Pobiti Kamani (The Stone Forest)
The mystery of ancient times is spread along the entire Black Sea coast. Not far from Varna, 18 km west of the city of Varna, is located one of the most unique phenomena in the world – Pobiti Kamani (The Stone Forest). The rock pillars are 6 meters high and have shapes of different animals, birds and human figures. It is believed that the stones are an energy center.

The legend says that in ancient times these lands reached the sea coast where a handsome young man lived. God appeared in front of him and told him what the God’s name was. Them hegave him immortality. The young man fell in love with a girl but she had promised to marry the leader of the sea giants. The young man went to speak with the Titans and promised them that if they give him the girl, he will sacrifice his immortality. In turn he promised to make one their wish to come true.

In the morning he asked the Titans to stand in line along the seashore. God watched what the young man did and decided to punish the Titans for taking the immortality from the young man. He turned them into stone pillars.

The moment when the young man and the girl met, under their feet appeared a miraculous spring.

St. Konstantin and Elena
St. Konstantin and Elena resort is located 2 km from Varna. It is situated in a landscaped park of 10 km. It is located 7 km south of the sea resort Golden Sands. It is a modern complex with luxury hotels and nice beaches. St. Constantine and Helena monastery

Tourist can visit the monastery St. Constantine and Helena – an eastern Orthodox monastery and also take a walk to the Euxinograd Royal summer palace.

Helena was the mother of Emperor Konstantin who fought two great battles – one against Maxientius, a tyrant in Rome and the other one against Licinius, not far from Byzantium. During the battle against Maxientius in a day light, Konstantin sawin the sky a shining cross, surrounded by stars, and a sign on it that said: “In this sign, conquer!” Then Konstantine ordered a great cross to be made and to be carried in front of the army.Although he had a small army, he defeated the armies of his enemies and in 313 Konstantine issued the famous Edict of Milan the persecution of Christians to be put to an end. When he conquered Byzantium, he built a city on the Bosphorus and named it Constantinople.

The legend says that both Konstantine and Elena were chosen by God to be his assistants after they show courage and faith by walking barefoot on glowing embers.

The day of Konstantine and Elena is celebrated on 21st May.

Nestinarsko horo is a fire-walking ritual related to the feast of St. Constantine and St. Elena. This ritual dance is performed in some villages in Stranjia Mountain and is also included in the evening entertainment programs of some hotels at the Black Sea coast. Young women, dressed in white gowns, carry sacred icons and dance barefoot on hot embers while saying prophet words to make predictions. It is believed that the icon that they carry keeps them safe from the fire.

Similar dances are performed in some places in northern Greece (Anastenaria).