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Sofia tour

Sofia Tour – Valuable Tips and Tricks to Have in Mind

Ok, this material isn’t going to direct you what exactly to see and visit during your Sofia tour. Let’s imagine you’ve got your sightseeing checklist done in advance. Now, like any other place you have never visited (some people even haven’t heard about Sofia, by the way) Bulgaria’s capital might sound to you as a stranger, a mysterious Balkan town or even confusing. In order to save you from all those hesitations you’ve got about the city, we have prepared for you a nice list of valuable tips and tricks to have in mind during your unforgettable Sofia tour.

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Sofia sightseeing! Do your best Sofia city tour. See the most remarkable, historical and cultural places in Sofia. Go back in time with our excursion through the best sightseeing in Sofia.


Sofia Communist tour, museum and restaurant from that epoch

For more than half a century, Bulgaria has been part of the community of socialist countries.


Walking tour of Sofia for student groups

Are you planning to visit Sofia with your students?"Innovative Lesson in History of Sofia" - a project aimed at introducing all students to the history of the capital in a pleasant and innovative way.



Shop with locals. Come to this incredible Shoping tour in Sofia. See where to shop in Sofia. See the best shops for souvenirs in Sofia, best shops for Bulgarian Rose producst in Sofia and where to buy honey in Sofia. Buy famous branded clothes and shoes from the last and current season with prices up to 70% off.


Tour Sofia, Top25 SITIOS EN Sofia

Tour de Sofía! !Visita Sofía! Disfruta del mejor recorrido por Sofía. Encuentra los sitos historicos y culturales mas destacados de la capital. Regresa en el tiempo con esta excursion.

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Trip from Sofia to Plovdiv

Come with us from Sofia to Plovdiv for 35 euros! Life in Plovdiv has not stopped for nearly 8 millennia, wich making its history extremely rich and interesting. Top 25 Sightseeng in Plovdiv


Don’t Get Frightened By Those Loud Conversations on the Streets

Some tourists might feel a bit frustrated during their Sofia tour as Bulgarians are used to speak loudly. However, this isn’t a sign of aggression or disapproval. Bulgarians are emotional people, who show their excitement out loud and with time you are going to get used to this. Moreover – Bulgarians are in most cases very friendly and helpful with foreigners. Don’t hesitate to ask for a help when looking for some specific attractions when being in the middle of your Sofia tour lost. Plus – you will be surprised how many people here are ready to talk you in several languages, different from the classical English.

If you Want some More Adventurous Sofia Tour, Try the Public Transportation

There are busses, trams, trolleys and even metro in Sofia. You can take any you want, but note that some routes might be confusing, crowds in any of these means of transportation – constantly increasing – but the ticket price per each is very decent. There’s, by the way, an option for a 3-day card to buy that offers you all the lines for free. The card costs only 5 EUR.

Sofia isn’t Expensive, It’s Sometimes even For Free

You will be amazed how cheap your wonderful Sofia Tour might be. Averagely, a dinner in a nice restaurant here will cost you 40 EUR, including the bottle of wine. And Bulgarian wine is worth it to be tasted. All fast food restaurants, on the other side, are so low-cost that you might think they are serving spoilt food, but on the contrary – if you choose traditional Bulgarian bakeries there are lots of authentic specialties you can try here, like banitza, for instance, which is a nicer alternative to a street slice of pizza. As to the free things, know that there plenty of attractions you can see for free, as well as street activities to join also without paying a damn.

Can I expect a Safe Sofia Tour?

Sofia is a pretty safe city. It has its dark streets all people – not only tourists – should avoid, but that might not consider you if you prefer to keep your Sofia tour to the standard attractions in the city centre. By the way, don’t hesitate to experience Sofia nightlife, either. It’s not just safe, but also very cool and rich in events and parties you will love.

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