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3 Plovdiv Tours To Consider For The Upcoming 2019 Year

Being the oldest still existing city in Europe, Plovdiv is a must to be seen place in Bulgaria, which is why all of today’s Plovdiv tours should be on your to-do list for the next year. Since the last minute travel deals are open and you’ve got a few more days to finish your end-of-2018 year Bucket list, we have nothing else to help you with except for offering you some ideas and hints. As a result of these, we have made a list of top 3 Plovdiv tours to consider for the upcoming 2019 year

TOP 25 Sightseeing in Plovdiv

Make an unforgettable tour in Plovdiv! Make your best tour with us through the old Roman cobblestone streets! One of the most beautiful ancient cities in Europe.


Among All the Plovdiv Tours You Can Plan The Best One Must Show You All Of The City’s Attractions

Such a tour represents great alternative for those of you, who truly have a big wish for meeting the second largest city in Bulgaria at a full value. When you arrange such a, know that you can appoint it at almost any day of the week and round the whole year as most of the local attractions are either cost-free or opened nearly 365 days per year. Using the assistance provided by specially trained and kind guides who are going to give lots of details about the sights you’ll visit, is a great idea. And speaking of the most interesting and common Plovdiv’s attractions, we should point out the Ethnographic Museum, The Old Town, the Kapana district, Graffiti on Sahat Hill, Roma Stadium, the Statue of Milyo the Crazy, the 7 Hills Plovdiv is built on, as well as the Cathedral Assumption of Mary, the Yellow School and Sasho the Sweetheart and many more.

A Whole Day in Plovdiv With Culinary Accents

There are lots of alternatives for Plovdiv tours that mix sightseeing with the chance for the tourists to taste lots of the most iconic traditional Bulgarian dishes. Some of them might even start from other Bulgarian region (including the capital of Sofia or to be more engaging – a traditional culinary destination like Smolyan). The idea is to eventually try an authentic Bulgarian late breakfast (well, people in Plovdiv like waking up early in the weekends, which is why late breakfasts are normal things in the city), lunch and dinner. Hence, note that you can easily find in the web lots of restaurants with such menus. Besides, there are both: cheaper and expensive alternatives. It just depends on what Plovdiv tours you prefer, so choosing any of them, but on mandatory with culinary accents, is up to your personal preferences. Attention: our audio guides devices might be very useful for you if you consider attending such a tour.

Have an Artistic Plovdiv Tour Around the Newest Tourist Destination in the City – Kapana District

Suitable for both: young people, who love to party and matured tourists, who adore culture art, the wonderful Kapana district is something you will never forget. Don’t get mislead by the name of the district you will visit (Kapana in English is actually “the trap”) as here you might actually find yourself, especially when being so finely and naturally surrounded by arts, crafts, cosy cafes and places to have a bite as you are at home, as well as the chance to attend any of the Kapana’s social live events. Please, note that the district is indeed, so lively these days that the chance to appear on such an event is by all means, a big one. If you miss such a performance day, diversify your experience with exciting participation on any of the workshops here. For instance, you can try your skills in handmade production, culinary and so many other great offers.

There are plenty of other Plovdiv tours you can check out in the web or in any of the city’s tourist information centres. Whatever you choose, there’s silent guarantee for your wonderful time in Plovdiv as this place is, indeed, more charming, welcoming, exciting and inspiring than any other else. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more tips or assistance in selecting or arranging any of Plovdiv tours you have selected for your experience in the second largest Bulgarian city! We would be happy to help you, have no doubts!

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