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Walking tour of Sofia for student groups

"An Innovative Lesson on the History of Sofia" - a project that aims to introduce all students to the history of the capital in a pleasant and innovative way with the help of AUDIO-GUIDE DEVICES.

2.5 h.

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walking tour of sofia for students

Full description

You want to hear the story of the ancient history of Sofia?

Come to us and choose the route of your journey in time.

Choose in what language you prefer to hear the fascinating narrative about the past of the capital. If you study English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, or Frenchmake your tour in the language of your choice. This is a great opportunity to expand your vocabulary and consolidate your knowledge.

The story is told with the help of modern audio devices for training and tourism.

After the end of the tour, you will receive a fun test that will confirm the accumulated knowledge.

We know that every child has different interests in the field of science and not for all of them history is a favorite. But with our help, you will show your children and students that there is a way to have fun while learning important historical dates and events.


  • Your walking tour begins from the Ivan Vazov National Theater, where our office is located - 2 Ivan Vazov Str.
  • For your comfort and tranquility during your tour, your group will be accompanied by our representative from the beginning to the end of the whole hiking route.
  • Each child will receive a special audio-guide device and instructions to follow during the city's walking tour.
  • We have prepared a fun questionnaire for students to help them remember the information and knowledge gained during our tour. It is in electronic form and we send it in advance to an email address indicated by the teachers.

The price includes

  • The price that we have planned for the service is 12 lev per child, gathered a group of at least 20 children.
  • For parents, teachers and attendants is free (2 free devices per group)

Meeting point

In order to make and prepare for you this tour you must first contact us by:

  • phone - +359 888 975 886
  • email - manager@audio-guide.bg to indicate the exact day, time and number of students.

Important information

TOP 25 Historical places in Sofia


1. National Theatre Ivan Vazov

2. Ethnographic Museum and Nat. Art Gallery

3. Russian Church

4. Mon. to the “Tsar-Liberator”

5. Sofia University St Kl. Ohridski

6. St Al. Nevsky Cathedral

7. Ivan Vazov’s Grave

8. Eternal Flame

9. St Sophia Cathedral

10. Monument of Tsar Samuel

11. Militia Monument

12. Amphitheatre

13. East Gate

14. Largo Place

15. St Petka Church

16. Ancient Serdica Complex I

17. Ancient Serdica Complex II

18. The Mosque

19. Triangle Tower

20. Synagogue Khali

21. Catholic Church

22. Statue of St Sofia

23. St George Rotonda Church

24. Residence of the President

25. Café «Museum»

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  • Екатерина Бамбова - България

    Страхотни сте, благодарим ви за чудесната разходка, Учениците са очаровани, горещо препоръчвам на всички.

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