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Walking tour in the Old Nessebar with an Audio guide

The old city of Nessebar - an open air museum of history and Christian art. Every exposition in it is a museum itself. This is the only city in Bulgaria which is part of UNESCO.
Walking around the city is a magical experience! We invite you on a walking tour in the tiny old streets with our audio guide! It is an unforgettable experience and you will always remember the nice memories from it!

You will be accompanied by our personal audio guide – a modern device with interesting recordings and educational talks for the sights of this town. You rent the device with earphones, walk around and enjoy the tour! You get the option to stop for a rest, to grab some coffee or to enjoy the wonderful view of the seaside and then to continue the walk.

The price is 25 leva / 13 euro

The audio tour is also available to be listened to on your phone.

Download the app on your phone

2 h.

Tour languages

Advantages of the audio guide your

  • A convenient route starting at the entrance of the Old Nessebar
  • Audio talks for interesting places and events, including churches and temples
  • You can watch archaeological videos with information on the device
  • The route includes 15 sights in the old town
  • The talks are based on true stories and legends, not only dates and boring facts
  • An opportunity to listen to the talks in a chosen language
  • You don’t need to be in a group or to listen to a tour guide with many people. You choose your own speed and company

This small peninsula keeps many secrets – find them step by step with AudioGuide.

What’s interesting about the tour

The old town in located on a peninsula, 850m long and 300 m in width. There are several Christian churches dating from 4-5 C. which last until the 19th C. Your walk will pass through different ages.

Our authentic route is made up from less known facts, legends and interesting talks. One of the legends is about a miracle tree whose remains are laying over the church of Holy Mother. The remains are being worshiped in the centre of the temple because it is believed that the tree cures infertility.

Another interesting story is the one for the vampire of Nessebar who was found from archaeologists in 2013. You will learn also about the Apollo temple.

During the audio guided walk you listen to the secrets of 15 interesting places. We have added pictures on the map so that the experience is better.
The tour finishes with a winery where you get to know the friendly owners and have an opportunity to taste the nice Bulgarian wine.

How to buy a tour

You get an Audio Guide - a special device with informative recordings, earphones and a map of the Old Nessebar. You press numbers on the device which are corresponding with the map and this way you listen to the information. You rent the device for the whole day.

You get the rented device from our office


  • Adults: 25 leva / 13 euro per person
  • Students: 15 leva / 8 euro per person
  • Family ( 2 adults + up to 3 children ) – 55 leva / 28 euro

Payment options:
*You can pay through our website shortly after you choose a date for the tour in the calendar window and reserve an audio guide, using VISA, Master card, Maestro card, Cirrius, БОРИКА, EuroLine American Express and American Express
*Payment in the office – you can choose to pay by card or by cash
*We advise you on wearing comfortable shoes.

Please note!

  • That we can guarantee available devices only if you book and pay in advance
  • Our devices and earphones get disinfected by UV lights and special disinfecting equipment


ATTENTION! Due to the epidemic, the office is temporarily closed until 01.06.2021

Old Nessebar, Bulgaria
Angelo Ronkali Str.
Working time: every day 9:30 – 6 pm, June – September
Start of the tour – you choose when to start, return of the device no later than 4:30 pm
The starting point is -The Fortification wall-

You can get the tour from our app here.

Contact info: email: manager@audio-guide.bg
Tel: +359 888 975 886

Additional information

  • You receive a map with a route of the sights in the old Nessebar as well as the beaches and the nice places for photos.
  • The walking tour lasts approximately 2 hours as you choose the speed and time for each place.
  • Available 5 languages: English, Russian, German, Bulgarian and Polish.

AudioGuide - your guide in Bulgaria! Enjoy the rich cultural and historical past of the country!

Our clients are satisfied and happy with this tour!

The route

About Old Nessebar
The Windmill
Fortification Wall
Church-Museum “St.Stephen”
Church of St John Aliturgetos
Nessebar old houses
Church of Christ Pantocrator
Nessebar Today
The hidden altar
Basilica St. Sofia
Basilica of the Holy Mother of God Eleusa
Early Byzantine terms
Church Museum “St John The Baptist” and “St Spas”
Nessebar`s Vampire
Winery. Wine tasting


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