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If you love history, if you want to learn interesting facts about the city of Sofia or you want a private cultural walk in the center of the city, we made for you special professional walking tour.

Тour available in different languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian and Bulgarian.

3 h.

Full description

Our motto is "the voice of the story".We want that voice to reach out to young people, tourists and guests of our country, who are eager to learn more about Bulgaria and its rich cultural and historical heritage while they are making a tour of the Bulgarian landmarks.

The great history of the Bulgarian lands leaves bright traces.
Turbulent history in the Bulgarian lands left a bright trace. This can be seen particularly well in Sofia – one of the oldest cities in Europe. In the opinion of the historians and archaeologists, it is on 8 000 years and became the capital of Bulgaria after the Liberation.

From 15 000 provincial towns today its population reaches almost a million and a half. Sofia is located in the Centre of a big field surrounded by mountains.

You will visit the biggest Orthodox Church on the Balkans - St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. There you will see beautiful murals that depict a miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead as the personification of the revival of Bulgaria also released you can worship in front of the relics of St Alexander Nevsky, which are stored there.


The walking city tour is around 3h, but feel free to do it at your own speed.

The price includes

  • Audio guide: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian and Bulgarian.
  • TOP 25 Historical places in Sofia
  • A map with the most interesting sights and tourist attractions + two coupons with 10% discount for the lounging areas.

Meeting point

Working hours: Mon-Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00.
The starting point of the tour - 2, Ivan Vazov Str.
You can rent a device and make the tour: Mon-Saturday 9:30-16:30 h

Audio Guide Bulgaria is your guide for Bulgaria. Enjoy its rich cultural and historical past!

Important information


1. National Theatre Ivan Vazov

2. Ethnographic Museum and Nat. Art Gallery

3. Russian Church

4. Mon. to the “Tsar-Liberator”

5. Sofia University St Kl. Ohridski

6. St Al. Nevsky Cathedral

7. Ivan Vazov’s Grave

8. Eternal Flame

9. St Sophia Cathedral

10. Monument of Tsar Samuel

11. Militia Monument

12. Amphitheatre

13. East Gate

14. Largo Place

15. St Petka Church

16. Ancient Serdica Complex I

17. Ancient Serdica Complex II

18. The Mosque

19. Triangle Tower

20. Synagogue Khali

21. Catholic Church

22. Statue of St Sofia

23. St George Rotonda Church

24. Residence of the President

25. Café «Museum»