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Radio gid model ELLIPSE


ELLIPSE - Is a new-generation one-way communication radio guide receiver.

Radio systems with ELLIPSE receivers are used at high-level events: G7, G20, APEC, BRICS and others.

Receiver is used at any meetings and excursions, including places with a high level of external noise. It is also applicable at any pedestrian and bus excursions and tours or delegations with a high-ranked participants.

Such receivers can operate in a group with a conventional transmitter, with an audio-audio transmitter and as part of a conference system. Receivers of the "D1" range are also used in the radio guides with broadcasting into two channels and simultaneously transmitting two speakers by one voice channel.


1. Light and miniature receiver, weight – 18 g.

2. It is shaped as a Bluetooth earpiece. No need to connect external headphones. Removable covers for speakers are used for hygiene purposes.

3. Stable communication even in zones with radio interference. “Follow the cannel” function – changing the radio channel on the transmitter changes the cannel on all the recievers in the group. Automatic tuning on receivers.

4. Modification for the frequency bands 863-865 MHz (hereinafter referred to as "D1") and 2.4 GHz (hereinafter "D2"). Users do not need to receive special authorizations for the use of a radio guide with this type of receiver.

5. Reception range of the transmitter: up to 150 meters for the “D1” range and up to 80 meters for the “D2” range.

6. Automatic reminder for lagging group members with loss of signal.

7. Good sound quality. The range of reproduced audio frequencies is 20-18000 Hz.

8. Easy to control.

9. 20 channels in “D1” range and 64 channels in “D2” range.

10. The earpiece holder is easily installed to carry the receiver on the right or left ear.

11. Dimensions 56x36x13 mm.

12. Built-in battery. Up to 8 hours of continuous operation.

13. Bag with a set of radioguide for 20 people weighs up to 2 kg.

14. Metal case for charging and disinfection for 27 receivers. The total weight of the set is 5kg.

15. Operating temperature range: -20 +70 С.

16. Recharge via individual adapters or via charging unit for 10 devices.

17. 12 month warranty.