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Radio guides

Tourist equipment

The radio guides we offer are the latest cutting-edge new generation devices. They make the radio connection with your tour guide or translator easy and enjoyable.

Radio Guide Star clip

Lightweight and very comfortable for usage Radio guide model Drop. The device has a new design and special features like LCD indication and LED screen. Drop can work up to fifteen hours and has an idication for a low battery.

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K5-1 radio transmitter

The K5-1 radio transmitter is a new model that is unmatched in terms of its functionality and ergonomic design, as well as in various receiver models that can receive a radio signal from it. Flawless in its operation, it provides a quality connection even under conditions of signal interference.

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Headphones for radio and audio guide

Headphones with standard 3.5 mm plug. The headset is a standard size, which makes them suitable for all ages and perfect for all types of audio and radio guides. The quality of the headphones provide a long life and reusable option.

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Microphone for the guide

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Radio Guide Model Drop

New audio guide model Drop, which could be used both indoors and outdoors. The device can support uninterrupted usage for up to nine hours.

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Radio Guide Model Many Hours

The receiver could be used for all kinds of meetings and excursions with long duration. It is highly suitable for a big groups and locations with greater area to cover.

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Cases for charging and disinfection

Case for charging radio guides with additional disinfection feature. The charging case meets the most important needs for the devises like charging to the max and disinfect the devices and the headphones which are in there.

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Radio Guide model PREMIUM

PREMIUM Radio Guide These receivers operate in a set of conventional transmitter, audio control, and as a part of a conference system. The receivers are also used in two-channel broadcast systems and simultaneous transmission of one voice channel to two speakers.

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Radio guide model MEGA

Radio Guide Model MEGA is a business class assistant, an innovative transceiver with a two-way radio system. It is appropriate for excursions and seminars, where a two-way communication is conducted between all participants in the group and / or "Questions and Answers" sessions.

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Radio guide model SLIM

The SLIM radio guide is an economical radio receiver for unidirectional/one-way communication. The receiver can be used in all types of meetings and long excursions. It is suitable for large groups and locations with more difficult transmission of the signal.

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Radio gid model ELLIPSE

It is the smallest and most lightweight radio guide ever created. It is a one-sided next generation radio receiver. It is used for all kinds of meetings and excursions and also in high-noise areas.

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