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Systems for group excursions GROUP GUIDE

GROUP GUIDE – Is an automatic portable mono or multilingual transport systems for group excursions.
The control unit of the system is installed inside of sightseeing vehicles: buses, wagons, cruise ships, boats, etc.

This device receives signals for auto playback of the corresponding fragments of audio tours in designated places and transmits this content to excursionists.

group guide


1. Navigation and marked locations on the map.

2. Routing.

3. Prevention from deviation from the route and outrun alert.

4. Functionality of the radio guide transmitter.

5. Emergency call.

6. Collection and analysis of data.

7. Online dispatching of the excursion transport.

8. Automatically transmits audio tours in one language to the passenger’s room, via a speaker integrated in the control unit.

9. Automatic playback of excursion content in the audio guides of excursionists in selected languages.

10. A large number of models of audio guides and radio guides that are used in conjunction with the system.