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Audio guide model INTELLIGENCE

INTELLIGENCE is a universal automatic audio guide in the form of a pen.
Universal multi-lingual audio guide can be used at museum and exhibition expositions of various sizes, for excursions in the park areas. Audio guide can only be used in automatic mode.

audio guide intelligence

1. Multifunctional audio guide with a lot of autostart features in the basic version.

2. NFC tags. Autostart from NFC labels when the audio guide approaches them for excursions at small expositions and with a dense arrangement of exhibits.

3. Autostart IR sensors (active infrared sensors with a directional adjustable zone of action, at a range of up to 15 meters). For excursions in medium-sized expositions.

4. Autostart RFID-sensors (active radio sensors with a configurable circular zone of action, radius of up to 40 meters). For excursions in open territories and at large expositions.

5. Navigation with Beacon marks for excursions on large expositional spaces indoors.

6. Multilingual audio / video synchronization with broadcast on large screens.

7. Anti-theft system.

8. High quality stereo sound in the range of audio frequencies 20 - 20000 Hz.

9. Protected multilingual audio content. Built-in memory 2- 32 GB.

10. Comfortable ergonomic shape.

11. Possible to carry on the neck cord.

12. Metal case for recharging, disinfection for 63 audio guides.

13. Recharge via individual adapters or charging units for 5 and 10 devices.

14. Built-in speaker.

15. Light indication of the operating mode.

16. 12 month warranty.