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Nessebar Walking Tour

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9 important reasons to visit Nessebar

Do you want your tour in Bulgaria to be really unforgettable? Then you should definitely visit the famous seaside resort of Nessebar! It is a city-museum, cultural center and church center filled with the spirits of different empires and cultures that will surely amaze you. With its 3200 year history, Nessebar will tell you and teach you a lot. You will be able to make many unique pictures, taste the most delicious wine in Bulgaria, and most importantly, you will be filled with positive energy, which is literally saturated with this town. What's so good about Nessebar?

Monument of UNESCO.
Today the town consists of 2 parts: Old and New Nessebar. While the latter is interesting for everyone, the Old Town is only for the connoisseurs of history. Here you will enjoy the incredible cultural blend of Thracians, Greeks, and Romans. Walking along the cobblestone streets with beautiful old houses, visiting the souvenir shops, you will full your chest with the air of this intriguing place of history. Its historic value is enormous, so for that, The Old Nessebar is under the protection of UNESCO.

A sunken town
Old Nessebar is located on a peninsula. Although it is small in size, one can be lost all day in its streets. In the past the peninsula was much larger, the natural forces absorbed part of it. However, many temples and facilities from the past have been preserved on land.

Nessebar - a town of churches.
Surprisingly, there were 44 churches in the past here! Unbelievably! The truth is that after the collapse of the Roman Empire, prominent families settled there. Each of them seeks to build a family church. Some of them are well preserved today. Among them are the churches from the period of the Ottoman rule with a height of no more than a rider with a raised spear.

On the territory of the town, research and archaeological excavations continue. This is why the local museums are so rich and colorful. There are rare Thracian artifacts in the Archaeological Museum of Nessebar, as well as an interesting icon collection. The Ethnographic Museum of Old Nessebar presents the life and traditions of the local population.

If the daily impressions and experiences of the town are insufficient for you, visit The Amphitheater in the evening. Concerts and festivals are often held here. In addition to the charming melodies for the soul, there is an incredible sea view and the sea will surprise you with its patterns. In short - a wonderful choice for romantics!

The place of exile of Roxelana.
Roxelana, the famous wife of the Turkish sultan, managed to deserve homage and high standing in the Sultan's courtyard thanks to her mentality, character, and principles.She was born in the family of a Ukrainian priest, sold to slavery, and lived for several years in Old Nessebar, which at that time was a major slave trade center.

Nessebar is a place with an Aqua Park of 30000 square meters.
Here is something fun to do! Nessebar has the biggest aquapark in Bulgaria. So immediately after you fill your cultural luggage, you can boldly look for new adventures withan influx of adrenaline.

Sea, beach, and seagulls
In addition to the above-mentioned attractions, Nessebar is famous for its beautiful beach and comfortable entry into the sea. As for the seagulls, here they are countless - a wonderful addition to the best sea photo shoot.

How to not miss anything?
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