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Radio Guide Model Many Hours

The radio equipment which we provide for rent has the best characteristics: radius 300 meters from the transmitter, long battery life (up to 40 hours or 7 days without charging), quality sound and reproduced sound range frequencies of 20-18000 Hz.

After finishing the tour with the group, the devices are charged and disinfected in special charging case with the help of UV lamps.

For more information and reservation, reach us by the given phone number and email address:

Email: manager@audio-guide.bg
Tel: +359 888 975 886 (Viber)

Many hours Product Specifications:

1. Quality device on low price

2. Distance covered - up to 300M

3. Receiving distance - 150M

4. Weight: 130g. Slim and elegant style

5. Capable with headphones with standard 3.5mm cabel.

6. High-capacity lithium battery with working time - 40 hours (7/8 daysuninterrupted work)

7. Size:86.5×58×38mm

8.Charging suitcase with function"Disinfection" for 25 slot receivers +2 USB ports for tranmitters.