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If you like our project and you want to organize a self-excursion with the Audioguide in your town, please write to us!
Our company offers full support for this activity:

  • Write a route
  • Create a route map
  • Sound recording of audio excursion with professional speakers
  • License for the Rental Guide for Audioguides.

Software Features:

The audio guide software lets you fill in the required form in just 5 minutes. The form containing the necessary information for the tourist will be printed in the desired language.

The software automatically deletes all tourist's personal information as soon as you click the "Returned Device" button. The software stores only the important statistics for the tourist:
the country of origin, the hotel in which they stay, where the device is booked, the date and taking and returning the device.

You may have multiple rental offices. Thus, the tourist can take and return the device to the most convenient office, each office will be connected to the software.

In real time, you can see the number of other devices and dedicated devices, or the amount of sales.

The software is currently being developed in two languages: English and Bulgarian. When negotiating, we can make content in the language you want.

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